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This morning I weighed 184. I started November 27 at 234. That's 50 pounds people!!!! I'm SO happy! I still have 34 ish pounds to go before October 5th, my 50th birthday. I can do it!

5'5", 49
234 / 184/ 150


  • charmmeth
    charmmeth Posts: 936 Member
    Well done! That's amazing. Also, good luck with getting to your goal by your birthday.

    I just wanted to say, though: if you find your weight loss slowing down a bit, don't feel you are a failure. With 34 lbs left to lose, you might well not get there until Christmas. That would be over 80 lbs in 13 months which would be really impressive, in my book! (Just for comparison, I took from May to November to lose about 30 lbs last year, and even then I didn't really lose the last few lbs until January this year.)
  • g2renew
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    Way to go!
    FABRICWOMAN Posts: 538 Member
    Wishing you the best on your weight loss new lifestyle journey. I have all the faith in you. I have lost 107 lbs. myself since July 2020. If this 68-year-old body can do it, anyone can. I think you will make your goal date, if not very close to it.