Can’t get my exercise Diary to note the calories burned for my Strength Training

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Hi! I haven’t been using this app for a few years so decided to start again yesterday. I was able to see the calories burned yesterday when I added my outdoor walk but today I added a list of strength training exercises and the Exercise Diary will not add the calories burned for my strength training today
Any help is greatly appreciated


  • GummiMundi
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    This may sound odd, but when you are on the Exercise Diary, you'll need to find an entry for Strength Training under the Cardiovascular section (the same place where you added your walk).

    ETA: There will be no specific entries for each strength training exercises in there, so just enter the duration in minutes for the whole session. You can still use the Strength Training section to register each exercise, sets and reps, if you want to keep a detailed log for yourself.
    (I hope this makes sense!)
  • krjohnson1292
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    Your calories burned varies by reps and weight and shockingly this app isn’t using the same technology as most gym apps to accurately log calories lost. I use my planet fitness app then carry the information over.