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sdanner08sdanner08 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
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Hello Friends,
I'm a 31 year old male, just started using this app today. As well as I finally went back to the gym since covid started.
I'm looking for meal plan advice on meals I can prep 1 day and have for the rest of the week. Don't be shy with the ideas as I am well versed in the kitchen.
Looking for something cheap, filling, and will last the week (I know they are out there just not that creative lol).
Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance an I look forward to hearing from you all.


  • Skyler103Skyler103 Member Posts: 29 Member Member Posts: 29 Member
    I like to do a bunch of chicken breasts. I'll use Fiesta seasoning jalapeno salt on them, then brown them on each side in a skillet with a little spray oil. once they're browned, I put them in a baking dish and cover them with green enchilada sauce. Bake on 325 for an hour and a half. It makes the chicken so tender it falls apart! The broth from the chicken mixes with the enchilada sauce to make the best tasting sauce too. I'll throw in some whole jalapenos and quartered onions sometimes. You can make tacos, quesadilla, salad, or just eat them with beans and rice.
  • ehju0901ehju0901 Member Posts: 101 Member Member Posts: 101 Member
    Chicken is also my go-to. I usually make mine in the air fryer with spicy seasoning. I'll also put a little bit of Heinz 57 sauce on the side, but sometimes I like to do honey mustard. Chicken can get old but at least it has many uses.

    You could also do a burrito bowl variation, just make sure you measure correctly and log your ingredients.
  • MikePfirrmanMikePfirrman Member Posts: 2,571 Member Member Posts: 2,571 Member
    Would build up your own collection. I love Copymethat for storing (and copying) my favorite recipes. One of the most useful and practical apps I've ever had. It's a Chrome app where, when you find a recipe you like, you just click a button and store it. You can also add in your own favorites and have a nice virtual cookbook.

    I'd recommend looking at sites for easy, healthy weeknight meals and build yourself a collection of your favorites. That's what I've done. I'm trying to eat more plant based, so we try a recipe around every other week now (it used to be every week, but we've developed a list of a lot of repeats now).
  • goal06082021goal06082021 Member Posts: 1,108 Member Member Posts: 1,108 Member
    I have a rough 6-week rotation of lunches and dinners. Lunches I make 10 servings (5 each for 2 people), dinners usually yield 4-6 (2-3 each for 2 people), happy to provide recipes for any of the following if you're interested:

    • Salisbury Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Broccoli (~450 cal)
    • Cabbage Rolls (~150 cal per roll, usually pack 2 or 3)
    • Kielbasa and Vegetables (very flexible, usually about 500 cal depending on what you use)
    • Greek chicken, green beans, orzo and rice (~600 cal)
    • DIY Chipotle bowls (also very flexible - Instant Pot makes quick carnitas/barbacoa, could do rice bowl or salad, copycat Chipotle vinaigrette is quick and easy - ranges from ~300-500cal depending on what you use)
    • Japanese kurei raisu (~500 cal depending on what you put in the curry/what protein you use; I use the box-mix Golden Curry roux)

    • Chicken Enchiladas (about 150cal/enchilada, usually 2 per serving; I usually freeze half for later, either just the filling or the fully-assembled enchiladas; serve with Spanish rice, about 300 cal/serving)
    • Bean and Sausage Pottage (~600cal/serving, very hearty, chicken sausage works well and cuts the cals; using pork sausage puts you closer to 900cal/serving)
    • Pork Goulash (made in an instant pot - lately I've been finishing by cooking orzo or similar small pasta in the finished goulash as a thickener, about 800cal/serving)
    • Cincinnati-style Chili (chili itself is about 350 cal/serving; totals about 600cal/serving when served as a "4-way," 2oz spaghetti topped with 1 serving of chili, handful of diced red onions, and an ounce of shredded cheddar cheese - could swap the onions for black or red kidney beans, or use both for a "5-way," omit both for a "3-way")
    • Chicken and Broccoli Strata (basically savory, chicken-based bread pudding, about 600 cal/serving)
  • Zoomie402Zoomie402 Member Posts: 131 Member Member Posts: 131 Member
    I'm pretty simple with my eating and swear by an organized fridge. I eat a lot of chicken, and a lot of fruits and veggies. I shop primarily at Aldi. When I get home, I will boil a dozen eggs, and leave another dozen fresh. I also dehaydrate some zucchini and squash to munch on during the week. I unpackage and wash all produce/fruit and place them in easily accessible containers (I use stacking roll out style from the container store). I also chop some veggies that I know I'll be using within in a couple of days. I cook and season chicken breast ahead of time.

    Prepacked items I purchase would be things like hummus and their almond and cranberry chicken salad which I love! I also tend to get one of their thin crust pizzas for a pizza night when I don't feel like cooking. Different foods/meals I can get doing this:

    Zucchini chips/ cucumbers/ any veggie really, with hummus
    Salad with grilled chicken breast
    Egg salad sandwich
    Chicken salad with mini sweet peppers
    Apple with dessert hummus (I love the mudslide one)
    Cauliflower rice burrito bowls
    Fruit w/ cheese

    You get the idea. For me, having a variety foods easily accessible (for me that means organized) that can be used in a number of different ways is the key. I also weigh/measure my foods, so it makes putting my lunch together for work really simple!

  • acpgeeacpgee Member Posts: 5,936 Member Member Posts: 5,936 Member
    I wouldn't like to eat the same thing all week but here is my one week meal plan for a single person household based on a whole chicken.

    Day 1. Roast chicken. Spatchcock a whole chicken (cut down one side of the backbone so the chicken can lay flat in the roasting pan skin side up, pressing down on the breast bone to flatten the roast). This is the only position that roasts a chicken so that the legs and breasts are done at the same time because the perimeter of a conventional oven (where the legs are) is hotter than the centre (where the legs are). Roast chicken in the oven to 72C internal temperature (about 30 minutes) and concentrate on eating backbone, wings and drumsticks because thighs and breasts are easier to deal with as leftovers. Prick large potatoes with a fork to prevent them explodng in the microwave and cook on high 6-8 minutes in the microwave. Finish in the oven with the chicken to dry out the roast potatoes. Serve with a salad. Save all chicken bones in a ziplock bag in the freezer.

    Day 2. Inauthentic Mexican Chicken wrap. Chop up a leftover roast chicken breast or thigh and mix with a jar of commercial salsa, a chopped avocado, season to taste and garnish with chopped coriander. Serve in a soft tortilla or soft taco shells.

    Day 3. Chicken caesar. Salad, commercial caesar dressing, commercial croutons, some chopped up cold chicken.

    Day 4. Avgolemono soup. Boil a handful of rice with a chicken stock cube until rice is tender. Squeeze in the juice of a lemon. Beat an egg in a separate bowl and temper it by adding ladle full of the hot chicken soup to the egg and beating that. Turn down the temperature of soup to low and stir in the tempered egg. Throw in chopped leftover roast chicken and stir until soup thickens.

    Day 5. Cheat's soupe au pistou with chicken. Boil a few handfuls of frozen veg. Add a diced tomato and a tin of white beans or chickpeas. Add some chopped leftover roast chicken. Serve with a big dollop of commercial pesto in each bowl. Serve with bread.

    Day infinity. Save all bones in the freezer in a ziplock bag. On a day you will be puttering around at home, simmer bones with a halved onion (skin and all is fine) for a few hours to make stock for risotto, soups, gravies. Bring stock to a rolling boil to concentrante it so that it takes less room in the freezer.

  • EvamuttEvamutt Member Posts: 1,721 Member Member Posts: 1,721 Member
    It's too hot to cook this week, 109-112 degrees so I'll be defrosting the lean ground turkey patties I froze. I'll cook them in a pan(or air fryer) with a little olive oil, garlic, maybe onions & serve them up with veggies or make turkey burgers with some air fryer fries I might also make meat balls out of them
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