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NOTE: If your challenge with "Maintaining Weight" is keeping it off, this conversation is not for you.

I'm 42 and have been dodging cholesterol medication for about 8 years. This is the year I really change my lifestyle for good. I've stopped drinking beer, decreased caffeine, monitoring all of it, increase water. I've cut out PASTA for cryin out loud.

Both my cholesterol and sugar continue to increase as I age. At 6'2" and ~190# when I really commit to eating low carb/low fat I end up having to eat 4+ times a day just to sustain the ~45 minutes of daily exercise and daily activity. I'm fighting to squeeze in 2500-3000 calories a day **just to maintain weight**. If I don't eat enough or don't exercise in a day, I'll literally lose 2 pounds.

This is after I lost about 10 pounds of "comfort weight" in the first 2-3 weeks. If you truly have a metabolism and diet demands similar to me, that means you know how much this absolutely sucks. I rarely feel full, use the bathroom too much, and my guts feel like they've done multiple workouts in a day. (Yes, I'm taking small bites and chewing thoroughly.)

I've fought this my whole life. In junior high I was 5'5" and about 75#. A hardgainers' hardgainer. Proof positive from 30 years and 120# ago.

PLEASE ... share any tips, tricks, recipes, workouts, thoughts ... or just commiserate. Because no one ever wants to hear about it when your issue is trying not to accidentally becoming too skinny.
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