Any 2022 brides?

Hey I’m April! 👋🏼

After having my wedding cancelled 4 times due to Coronavirus, I’m trying to use the extra time I have to get fit/lose weight. Are there any other 2022 brides out there on the same journey? Feel free to follow me! ☺️


  • JanelleG0122
    JanelleG0122 Posts: 323 Member
    My date is Halloween 2022! We are doing a costume themed wedding or casual if you don't want to dress up, but I haven't fully decided what I'm going to be yet, probably going to do corpse bride! Hoping to be closer to my goal weight by then!
  • April_louise12
    April_louise12 Posts: 2 Member
    That sounds amazing! 🥰 We can do this! X