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How do I add my own recipe?


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    On the desktop site, under Food, in the darker blue bar click Recipes. You can either paste the link to a recipe you find online, or click the link right below that box to manually enter your recipe.

    On the Android app, tap the hamburger menu on the homepage and swipe down to Recipes, Meals, & Foods. Same deal, there's a button at the bottom of the screen that says Create Recipe, and you can either paste a link or manually enter the ingredients. I assume iOS is similar but I don't have an iPhone.

    I weigh all my ingredients in grams, then weigh the finished dish. I finally got around to making note of the tare weights of my pots and pans and baking dishes, so I can just put the whole pot right on the scale and then do some simple subtraction. Then I'll either divide that final weight by 4 or 6 to get my serving size, or just list the number of servings in the recipe builder as the weight in grams (so a dish that comes out to 1750g has 1750 servings, 1 serving = 1 g), then weigh out my portion and log it like that (so a 300g portion = 300 servings).
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