Butt Update

jaina08 Posts: 561 Member
I've been lifting heavy doing squats for 21 days already. Not sure if I'm progressing... I feel like my butt is a little rounder but I don't know if I'm imagining things. Not a big difference though! What do you guys think? If it looks the same just don't reply to the thread... I don't wanna lose my motivation... Lol.



  • dangerousdumpling
    dangerousdumpling Posts: 1,109 Member
    Great job. Definitely looks lifted. Try adding some dead lifts to your routine if you haven't already. I'm working on my butt a lot too and I try to work it from all angles to get the best results possible.
  • wizbeth1218
    wizbeth1218 Posts: 358 Member
    Yup, I see a definite difference. Keep going! If this is just three weeks, imagine what another 3 weeks is gonna do. Whoo hoo!
  • jaina08
    jaina08 Posts: 561 Member
    I just made the picture smaller, it was too big and got cut off earlier. But yay thanks you guys!
  • JackieSmackie
    JackieSmackie Posts: 7 Member
    Wow, nice! It looks perkier, more defined, and nice and round. Good going!
  • faith_76
    faith_76 Posts: 198 Member
    Definitely rounder!
  • Ivey05131980
    Ivey05131980 Posts: 1,118 Member
    Looks good! i'm happy with my new one, too!! <~~~~~
  • jaina08
    jaina08 Posts: 561 Member
    Looks good! i'm happy with my new one, too!! <~~~~~

    Great booty!
  • for 3 weeks, that is a nice difference. I'm sure you will, but keep it up!
  • evilscotsman83
    evilscotsman83 Posts: 17 Member
    Very nice results :o)
  • BadKittie05
    BadKittie05 Posts: 157 Member
    Definitely a difference! Your leg muscles are much more defined as well!
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