How you keep yourself fit and motivated?

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Hello everyone, I am 42, a mom, a wife, and a busy woman; I don’t have rock hard abs or cellulite free body, but I try my best on taking care of myself and loving my body. I don’t do diets, I do eat wherever I feel and like (considering that I am vegetarian) but everything with moderation. I use my elliptical 30 minutes and do yoga class, witch I love! From 3 to 5 days per week… That it’s what I do, how about you? What works for you? 🥰🙃


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    That it’s so true spiriteagle99, we just have to do it because it’s feel awesome! Thank you for sharing it.
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    Honestly, my motivation comes from love of whatever it is I'm doing.

    If I'm not having fun, I'm not doing it.

    If I am having fun I'll bust my butt and like it.

    I trail run. I do some weight stuff. The bulk though is riding, swimming, hiking, dog agility and disc dog and disc golf. It's all active. It's all fun (for me). It all builds muscle, endurance and fitness.

    But exercise for the sake of fitness without that fun element? no, thank you.
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    Having fun and feeling good about it it’s the main idea ! Love all your comments! Thank you 😊
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    Why do I lift weights? Let me count the reasons...

    1. It's fun!
    2. It's a stress reliever
    3. It's an ego boost
    4. My aging joints get achy when I go too long without a workout, but when I lift regularly my joints hurt less or not at all
    5. Did I mention it's fun?
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    It’s a 100% true! It makes you feel a lot better after you finish a sweat session 🥰💪🏼
  • amorfati601070
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    Routine and its so ingrained into me from doing sports most my life. I feel guilty if I'm sedentary.

    Like others said, its a rewarding for one's mental health too.
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    I enjoy the things that make me / keep me fit and always have, even when I was a chubster!
    Sports, games, gym, cycling.....
    Also simply enjoy the feeling of living in a healthy, fit, capable body.

    My current passion is cycling and being retired I have more time to indulge my hobby. 45 hours / 620 miles of riding so far this month. Still enjoy my strength training and have done since I was a teenager but it's a little on the back burner at the moment, although I've got great satisfaction from building my strength back up following the gym closures during lockdown. Benching the same weight I first hit as an 18 year old when I'm now 61 makes me smile.
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    Dumb bells
    Exerciae bands
    My motivation is family, if I dont take care of myself I cant take care of them.🚶‍♀️🏋️‍♀️🧘‍♂️