For those using TDEE

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I've seen similar threads asking people what their age, height and goals are and since I see a lot of people asking about TDEE, I thought I'd start one for that. I think it's a great way to compare and see the experience other people have. So, here we go.

What is your gender, height, goal and average calorie intake for the day?

20-Something Female
Currently 118 with a goal of 115 (not much to go!)
I am working up to a caloric intake of 1700-1800 but since I just started with TDEE I am adding 100 calories every month to get there. Currently I'm at 1500, next month I will go to 1600 and the month after that I will go to 1700.


  • wanderingarcher
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    I am really new at this and still learning, but I'd like to follow this thread. :)

    I'm 34, female.
    currently 214 with the goal of 138

    TDEE-20% is 2117, which personally is taking a major mind-shifting for me right now, as I was really stuck on a 1500 cal figure.
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    I'm bumping this because I would love more input.

    I agree that, compared with what so many diets and programs tell you, TDEE sounds excessive.
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    With TDEE the way I understand it (which may not be correct) is this:

    Eat at TDEE to maintain.
    Eat at TDEE-20% to lose weight.

    My TDEE-20% is within 100 calories of what MFP gives me (with the caveat that MFP has me eat back my calories and TDEE does NOT).