Tips on minimizing cellulite in legs (quads, hamstrings, flutes) ?


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    Even at 18% body fat I still had it. You can try to button up your nutrition and lift heavy if you’re not already doing so
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    Lose as much fat as you can from them. Cellulite is genetic though and even lean people have it.

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    Lowering body fat, strength training and PATIENCE are what it takes to lose the appearance of some cellulite, but it's hard to get rid of it all without surgical intervention.
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    I’m fairly lean and have cellulite. It comes and goes on my thighs. It was visibly back again the other day.

    Sometimes the cellulite seems to be a precursor to something on my body rearranging itself, for example, my “batwings” have suddenly started making farty sounds again when I walk, and I have a small muffin top that’s showing again. Yet, my thighs have slimmed noticeably in the past two or three weeks (probably resulting in the muffin top looking more pronounced).

    If it’s something that you’re newly seeing, it may be an indication you’ve either got a whoosh coming or that you’re fixing to have a similar “body renovation”.

    If it’s something that’s just been there for a while, for me, fat loss helped.

    But even as a pretty underweight teen, I could pinch up some cellulite.

    And sometimes I feel like the cellulite is simply an indication I’m dehydrated, same as fine wrinkles above and below my inner elbows are a red flag to hydrate.
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    In fact, exercise will not help much. Creams will not help you. They usually work in a local sauna. There is a slight chance that the influx of blood caused by hot cream due to ingredients, for example, caffeine and L-Carnitine can reduce the symptoms of cellulite.
    Exercise only reduces, does not help much. There is currently a minimally invasive procedure that you can do in a doctor's office, where it is smoothed and cut into tense tissues, creating some of these pits.
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    I did a massage, a very nice method, also use dry body brushing and anti-cellulite cream, I know that it does not help, but I like how it warms up the skin
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    Accept that every woman has them, and ignore them. Other than that: build muscles to push the lumps and bumps upwards from below.
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    Not a raving nut for collagen - suspect it works for some and not others - but had a surprising positive result last year from an experimental 400 gram jar that I got (on sale) as a protein booster (10 grams / day) looking for hair and skin effects. A couple of weeks after the jar ran out and seeing nothing - deciding not to get any more - I noticed under-eye bags were gone along with residual belly fat-loss wrinkles, fingernails a little stronger. A quick web search for "collagen and cellulite" brings this apparently serious study up - again some people may be collagen responders and others not:


    In my case the effects were marginal and it hasn't been on sale again, so haven't re-ordered, but it's a back-of-mind consideration if the guy in the mirror looks too old too fast.
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    Cellulite is genetic and does tend to occur in women. Drinking water and loosing body fat may help with reducing the appearance but I don't think it can totally disappear
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    Anyone tried veloshape for cellulite?
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    Cellulite is present in perfectly healthy bodies, it's not a flaw, so it's best not to perceive it as a flaw.

    It's more of a female thing, which is why it's categorized as a flaw, the same way stretch marks are, which a lot of us got through y'know, growing our perfectly normal breasts and hips in puberty.

    There is no effective way to get rid of cellulite for most of us, so perceiving it as a flaw is just setting yourself up to be dissatisfied for no reason and with no solution.

    This is a case where acceptance is the only rational reaction.
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    I guess I’ll learn to embrace my cellulite 😊
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    I guess I’ll learn to embrace my cellulite 😊

    You will feel a lot saner when you do.

    At the end of the day your healthiest body will always be your most attractive body, so focus on being as healthy as possible and just enjoy that.
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    I guess I’ll learn to embrace my cellulite 😊

    My husband embraces my cellulite. He seems to enjoy it OK.

    (Did I just say that?! 😅)

    There’s always gonna be something. For me it’s the roll of extra skin around my waist, left over from weight loss, and wrinkles under and around my jaw line (also seems to be leftover extra skin) that give me a permanent case of resting *kitten* face.