Counting calories on weekend

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Hi there, I am just wondering if anybody else counts calories on weekend? I tend not to because I like to have a treat on the weekend but does anybody else do this?


  • TeaBea
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    Every other day dieting or zig-zagging your calories can work.

    Weekends can be tough. Instead of not logging at all, you might allow yourself more calories (say eat maintenance on weekends) and eat a little less during the week to compensate. This is zig-zagging your calories.

    If you're not counting, then you're guessing. If/when you stop losing, how do you go forward?
  • wunderkindking
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    My calories are all over the map. My only rules are:
    a-) I log everything - even if it's a guesstimate
    b-) I eat at least 1200 calories.
    c-) I stay at or under maintenance 80% of the time or more.

    i used to do more 'cheats' on weekends but after my weight dropped to a normal BMI that became less workable on a couple of levels. One was that the deficit wasn't there to absorb the overeating, but also I just didn't really want to much.
  • Derpes
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    More for damage control. One strategy is to set weight goal to maintain over the weekend.
  • johnisrunning
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    I try to keep my entire week as a whole (counted Monday to Sunday) on target, rather than focus on individual days. Longer runs on the weekend allow me a little more flexibility as well. It's all cumulative.
  • lintvar85
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    I always have a single cheat meal on the weekends, usually Saturday. Whatever I’ve been craving that week, I’ll make it happen. Honestly, my stomach seems to shrink from eating at a deficit all week, so I can’t really overindulge too much in terms of the portions. But I’ll eat something that’s inherently high-cal like really good pasta, fried seafood, a burrito, etc., and then get on with my life.
    But I try to keep everything under control over the weekend, without an internet connection, I use my meal planner. I just make sure I get back on track as soon as I wake up Monday morning. I do a Monday fast and drink green tea all day until dinner.
  • dlben007
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    I count ever day to make it a habit.
  • steveko89
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    Making a conscious effort to plan for and log on weekends the same way I do during the week made one of the biggest differences leading to success in controlling my weight and improving my body composition. I go as far to extend that to vacations, holidays, or any other special occasions that many users seem to bemoan as forcing them "off track" or "off the wagon".
  • SilverJem77
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    I count every day and every bite, but I also allow myself to occasionally go up to maintenance level.
  • Lietchi
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    I count everything I eat, every day. How else would I know if I'm at a deficit?
    I don't necessarily eat at a deficit all the time, but I look at my overall deficit for the week.
    I have treats every day, the weekend isn't that different for me except I'm more likely to have a restaurant meal, which requires more planning than smaller treats.
  • ___Soundwave___
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    Unfortunately, your body doesn't stop counting calories over the weekend.