VSG: regrets anyone?

Hello all. I am coming to a position where I can afford VSG. My doctor is telling me insurance won’t pay because while my BMI definitely qualifies, I don’t have a comorbidity to accompany it (yet). I can pay for it and I have read a lot of good things but I want to hear the bad. If you say you wouldn’t do it again, why? I’ve lost 70lbs and I gained it back. I know it’s a only a tool and not magic. I understand it’s a huge life change and far from “easy.” Thanks in advance!


  • rhonda1960
    rhonda1960 Posts: 58 Member
    I had GS 4 years ago and now back here logging food. The surgery worked as a tool for fast weight loss. I do have to admit that in years before surgery I had lost tge same amount with diet and exercise. It takes dedication and determination no matter which choice one makes.
    However I didn't have any other side effects that I am aware of other than money spent.