Calling all turtles! Are you a slow loser? Join me in Turtle Track 2021!

Hi everyone!

I am super-inspired by folks who have lost lots of weight, sometimes very quickly! That said, my reality is that my pace seems to be slow, and I'd love to find my cohort so we can support each other on a slow-but-steady team where a half-pound per week loss is to be celebrated instead of fretted over. Because if we can keep up that half pound a week, we'll be down 26 lbs in a year, and that sure beats giving up because we perceive ourselves as failing!

If you, too, seem to be on a slower track and want encouragement, please join my new group, Turtle Track 2021!




  • KimShea01
    KimShea01 Posts: 23 Member
    I've lost 25 pounds in five years. I think that averages to something like .09 pounds per week. I'd love to lose a half pound a week! That being said, I realized that I'm only 10 pounds from a "not overweight" weight, and I really would like to lose those ten this year.
  • Skyler103
    Skyler103 Posts: 121 Member
    I've lost the same 15 or 20 pounds so many times throughout my life. I'm tired of doing it. I can't starve myself to lose it anymore. I figure I can still have most of the things I like and still lose weight if I pay attention to quantity. So, this time I'm going slow. I've been at it since January and only lost 5 pounds, but I'm glad they're gone!
  • TwistedSassette
    TwistedSassette Posts: 7,702 Member
    A link to the Turtle Track 2021 group - I just joined :smile: