Gymnetic Fitness, do you use their workout videos

Does any myfitnesspal members workout to them? Guys dont feel left out, they have a couple men in their videos
And if not which fitness videos do you use.

Their mom and daughter and the mother was 63 when they made these workout videos, got them today I could barely keep up but it was fun trying to. Got the whole family involved, I usually don't care much for work out videos but their spunky and energetic and seemed fun to us. I follow them on youtube so I decided to.order their videos.

Wish me luck doing these, thanks 🤗🤪


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    Though age is only a number, I think it's somewhat deceiving to think that just because someone is 63, that others a little younger or same age could get into the same shape she is. I GUARANTEE you that she's been at it a long long time (at least 20 years) and her consistency is what kept her in good shape.
    That's NOT to say that people who are older can't get into better shape, but to be in her shape takes a lot more dedication than just going and working out 3-4 times a week with moderate exericse.

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