I know what needs to be done but making it a life style is the real struggle!

So I have been back at it pretty steady for about 60 days now. Let me tell you the weight goes on way quicker then coming off. Especially when you are 46 yrs old. So this time around I am REALLY trying to find a lifestyle that works for me. I have just took on the love of hiking and biking. Just going through a breakup so my focus has been on taking care of me again. Its crazy how you don't even realize how much you can lose yourself within a relationship. So now I am doing things I love to do and finding new things and then hopefully someday meeting someone who will be great hiking buddy. Anyone in MN want to go hiking? I do need a knee replacement in the future, but for now I can push through the pain. Would love to meet some new friends with common interests!


  • MargaretYakoda
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    Hang in there. As the habits build on themselves it does get easier. I promise.