Gym pics/videos!

mkth101 Posts: 25 Member
Let's see some pictures/videos of yall working on your goals!!!


  • Getbentornot
    Getbentornot Posts: 27 Member
    Start us off
  • yweight2020
    yweight2020 Posts: 591 Member
    edited August 2021
    I don't know who taking the picture for me , but ok. I'M gonna have my daughter come take it.
  • soldiergrl_101
    soldiergrl_101 Posts: 2,206 Member
    oneleg_11b wrote: »
    WTG Patriot!

  • TJ_Rugger
    TJ_Rugger Posts: 156 Member
    Picking up heavy things!

    Fight Milk - Made with Crowtein!!!

  • Xikaiden
    Xikaiden Posts: 37 Member
    Gym needs decluttering and paint.....
    A pic from a few weeks ago... kinda haven't been taking any pics for awhile... n.n;;
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