Garmin Progress Summary Report

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I don't know how many folks in here have looked at this, you can only get to it through the website, it isn't in the app. Full of very cool and sometimes useful info, broken down in all kinds of ways. I was looking up how much I've swam this year compared to last, and noticed while I was asking it that I burn more calories walking than anything else I do. Funny, I think of myself as a cyclist, a hiker, a skier, etc, but none of that every day, whereas I always have shoes to escape in. 🙂

Anyway, go play with the report if you haven't.


  • gorple76
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    I noticed the walking thing too. I used to cycle the 2 miles to work but I’m noticing that, I set off a little earlier and walk it. My partner thinks I’m a bit crackers but it feels like less hassle than getting the bike out too. I avoid using the car now too. Good tip about the garmin data. Going to have a delve now…..
  • Lietchi
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    Apparently my running speed has been quite stagnant since January, it had been increasing steadily the preceding 12 months.
    It just happens to coincide with my increase in strength training, aiming for recomp.
    Hm, might have to take a more systematic approach to my workouts, to make sure I keep progressing on both fronts.
  • SwtHedgehog
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    Thanks for the tip. On a somewhat unrelated, but related topic. When you go to their website, do you get insecure website and bad certificates messages from your virus protector/browser?
  • NorthCascades
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    That doesn't happen for me, I'm using Chrome on an Android phone.