Lady friends for ladies. GRLPWR!!

All girls come add each other, I definitely need some more lady friends as I’ve just joined (again) :D Let’s support each other we’ve got this. GIRL POWERRR!! Get that GOAL!!


  • JNettie73
    JNettie73 Posts: 1,208 Member
    Feel free to add me!
  • jkreutzfeldt
    jkreutzfeldt Posts: 420 Member
    I love this! Feel free to add me! I’ve been seeing several creepy dudes around lately with warnings from other girls that they’re trying to get videos somehow— ladies need to stick together!
  • shanahz
    shanahz Posts: 261 Member
    I'd love to have new friends. I am just getting back into using the app again.
  • marysauls56
    marysauls56 Posts: 5 Member
    I need some friends y’all! Not that the 4 I have don’t matter…just saying more is better. 😁
  • JustMomming
    JustMomming Posts: 5 Member
    I need friends too!!!
  • Shelby2happy
    Shelby2happy Posts: 20 Member
    The more the merrier! Please feel free to add me!
  • xyzmommy
    xyzmommy Posts: 2 Member
    Would love some adds, as well!