Looking to buddy up with people for encouragement and support

Hi all - I'm Caroline, aged 34 and from the UK. I'm not new to MFP but this is a fairly new account after rejoining a couple of months ago as I wanted a fresh start. I've got a complicated history with diet (in the broad and restrictive sense) but I seem to have found a good balance and now the lbs are coming down, albeit slowly but I'm okay with that. Being a new account, I don't have many people on here and I would love to connect with others also on this journey so that we can all keep an eye on each other's progress and offer support and encouragement.

If you'd like to, please send me a request and if you'd like others to follow you too, just comment below :smile:


  • staylitlove
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    Added! Its so easy to gain, and such a slow uphill struggle to lose. I would say being positive, kind, and patient with yourself and never giving up is the key :blush:
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    Welcome to the message boards! I'm 38 (soon to be 39 next month) mom of 1 daughter. We live in SC and I've been on mfp what seems forever. I love to find friends that actually log in, comment on posts or post what they have going on in their own lives. I have PCOS & diet/exercise controlled diabetes so logging and tracking are a big part of my world. I also write a blog every 2 weeks or so with recipe swaps, food finds, etc.

    I do a lot of walking when I can and often try to get to Zumba a couple times a week. I have a YMCA membership but don't use the gym as often as I should.... shame on me. My husband and daughter are my whole world except when I'm reading a good novel, then I fall into that world and need them all to leave me alone. LOL.
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    Hi to both of you - I've accepted you both! I don't use my newsfeed as much as I could or should, that's something I want to change to help inspire me a bit more and hopefully encourage others too. Looking forward to sharing your journeys!
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    Hi! I'm a 33-year-old crazy cat lady from Finland. I used to be pretty active here years ago, but I created a new account so I'm missing some friends for support.

    I'm struggling with constant migraines and depression, but I've decided to make my health a priority this fall and I'm hoping that it'll help with my other problems too.

    Feel free to add me as a friend! :)
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    Hi Caroline, I’m 37 and also from the uk. Have come back a few times, most recently I lost just over a stone and now have gained half back. I don’t seem to be able to find how to add you as a friend, but do feel free to add me. Holly x
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    Hello! I’m 28 and in the US. After having two children in under two years, my body is no longer what it once was and I have about 15 pounds to lose to be at my happy weight and back in my old jeans! I started with 30 pounds to lose about 3 months ago, so I know it’s possible!

    I would love to have as many supportive women on my page as possible. I find reading the struggles and successes of others really helps me keep my eyes on the prize!
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    Hello Everyone,
    Caroline, thank you for starting this support network. I have struggled with obesity and emotional eating for over two decades. My family is very heavy set, and it was my goal to never take on the "family tradition". None of my friends are overweight, so it is hard to find support naturally. Plus it's hard to be vulnerable with people, that have never experienced even a fraction of my struggles. For the past few years, my biggest fear was tipping the scale beyond 300lbs. This month I hit the mark. Currently weigh 312. I am grossly overweight. I start to diet, and exercise, then one hiccup happens and I stop. I decided to look for a community of support, for both encouragement and accountability. My first goal is to STOP GAINING WEIGHT. My second goal, is to post weekly, to share what I am doing to work towards the first goal. I hope that I am also able to support your journeys, and maybe just maybe, encourage someone, to not give up the fight. It's frustrating I know. But being healthy is a priceless gift, and I want that GIFT.
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    Anyone looking for support and motivation is welcome to add me 💪🏻🦵🏻
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    Feel free to add me
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    Hi, I am Katie, 33. I've been on mfp for quite a lot of years pretty religiously. Sometimes I log food but mostly it's to keep try of workouts and two years ago I decided to post and ask for friends for motivation and I love supporting others too. I do intermittent fasting and I love weight lifting. Anyone is welcome to send me a request!