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Tried a New Exercise for Flabby Arms

I did a 12 min. YouTube video to firm up and tone arms. It's called "Best Exercises for Flabby Arms" by Jenny McClendon. I really like her because you can do repetitions with her and each exercise was 20 times each repeated twice. :D


Have a gr8 Sunday!


  • yweight2020
    yweight2020 Posts: 591 Member
    Nice I need this, but I'm scared of the tricep dips and I like she's not using any weights so that's optional. Thanks for suggesting her I will do this workout. :)
  • aqua14lisa
    aqua14lisa Posts: 35 Member
    Thanks for posting this, exactly what I've been looking for!
  • Imnotstoppin
    Imnotstoppin Posts: 962 Member
    Thanks for reading about the arm video I worked out with. My goal this week is to do the video workout 3 times.
  • anitalg817
    anitalg817 Posts: 238 Member
    Thanks, will try this out. I need some arm toning. :)
  • OllieS0806
    OllieS0806 Posts: 21 Member
    I am not sure this exercise will do what you are hoping for. You cannot spot-reduce fat, so I am not sure you will see any actual toning from doing this exercise. If you build up arm muscles (not sure this routine will even do that), then your arms might look leaner due to the added muscle, but you will likely have close to the same amount of fat on them.
  • mom22dogs
    mom22dogs Posts: 470 Member
    If you aren't using weights, there is no way you are going to fill out the flab with muscle. I really don't think these exercises are going to help. I have really flabby arms due to a lot of weight loss, and there is no way I will ever get the loose skin to tighten up, or develop enough muscle to fill it out.