I have started making my own kefir. I love the taste but wonder what benefits people have found by drinking it


  • lynn_glenmont
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    It's a tasty, refreshing drink that can help me meet my protein goal.
  • westrich20940
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    I'd imagine that it'd benefit gut health and immune health via it being a fermented beverage.
  • cwolfman13
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    Fermented foods are good for gut bacteria and gut health.
  • AnnPT77
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    Little is known at this point about gut microbiome, IMU. Looking like diverse gut microbiome, if beneficial bugs, is a positive.

    Kefir contributes to diversity, probably-positive gut microbiome. How long does it persist? How much to consume? What effect? IMO, unclear.

    I drink it because it tastes nice, has protein I need as an ovo-lacto vegetarian, *may* contribute to a diverse, positive gut microbiome. So, a bet-hedge.

    Is homemade better? Dunno. I'm lazy, so I'm purchasing a decent live-culture brand . . . and eating other live-culture probiotic foods, prebiotic foods. Why not? They're tasty!
  • springlering62
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    I enjoyed making it but production quickly outweighed ability to consume. I even added some of the grains to smoothies to try to keep up and couldn’t.

    My favorite thing to do with it was make cupcakes. You can use a box of cake mix and mix with kefir to make very light and moist cupcakes. No other ingredients required, so they were pretty low cal- if you can eat just one.

    I never could. That was always my problem. So after scarfing down a couple of batches of kefir cupcakes, it became a no go zone for me.

    Was also great in cornbread, biscuits etc.