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Tell it like it is Wednesday

Work_toward_goalsWork_toward_goals Member Posts: 4 Member Member Posts: 4 Member
I know I just recently got restarted on getting back in shape. But there's no quick fix/magic pill out there. It's just putting in the work and effort. Good news tho, it's not extremely difficult...It's mostly doing what others won't do and making more good decisions than bad. Candy bar or protein bar/veggie snack/something healthy for a snack. Are you going to watch a game or show?....can you walk/jog in place while you do it?

It may seem hard at the beginning, but your body will quickly adjust. You may feel worn out at the start, but shortly you will feel like you have more energy every day. Then you are able to push yourself, and find out what use to feel difficult is your warm-up. It's only really difficult to start, if you are really looking for a reason not to.

You know while you're chasing a goal weight it can be a little easier, don't get letdown by a bad day or a setback. Even after you arrive at a goal weight, you can still continue that lifestyle and keep making yourself better. The biggest room, is the room for improvement!

What's your 'Tell it like it is' advice and tips?


  • gorple76gorple76 Member, Premium Posts: 126 Member Member, Premium Posts: 126 Member
    Most people who are ‘naturally thin’ are mindful about what they eat and often keep active. It’s not magic.
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