Lost 85 lbs!



  • pbpunisher
    pbpunisher Posts: 17 Member
    Thank you, and great job!
  • dubonnet480
    dubonnet480 Posts: 14 Member
    well done you, such a good story! Thanks for sharing
  • olat165
    olat165 Posts: 8 Member
    Wow. Good job.
  • crazyhorse8
    crazyhorse8 Posts: 669 Member
    You look great! Congrats on your accomplishment!
  • Thewonderofitall
    Thewonderofitall Posts: 97 Member
    suzij27 wrote: »
    Have you gone back to working in your office? Do you have strategies planned for avoiding the stress snacking?
    Yes, I have been back in the office for over a year now. When I had resigned myself that I was going to be a "fat guy", I just ate anything and everything. Now that I have my health and fitness back I can't imagine eating whatever I want! I'm to grateful to be were I am to get that way again!

    I should also mention tat the weight loss got me off all blood pressure and cholesterol meds!

  • daisysf
    daisysf Posts: 1 Member
    That's amazing! I wish I'd start exercising "out of boredom"! 😂 Good for you. :)
  • jeanniebeanie59
    jeanniebeanie59 Posts: 141 Member
    Hi, I'm new here and here's my story.
    Because of Covid-19 I, like many, started working from home. Instead of snacking at the office all day and stopping for a pre-dinner meal on the way home, I wasn't able to do all that! My wife does a lot of the food shopping and she doesn't eat much "junk" food so we don't have it in the house. So without all the snacking next thing I know, I've lost 20 lbs! I saw this as a blessing and I ran with it. Out of boredom I started riding our exercise bike in the basement and the weight just keep coming off! Once the Parks opened up again we were able to start taking some nice walks. As the weight came off I found it was much easier to walk further and further. Now I'm into running 5K's!

    While I didn't think to take before and after photos, I did manage to put together this comparison:


    I have gone from 239 lbs down to my current 154 lbs for an 85 pound loss!

    great job!!
  • jeanniebeanie59
    jeanniebeanie59 Posts: 141 Member
    great job , very inspiring
  • halizabeth
    halizabeth Posts: 111 Member
    Thank you all for the kind words! Now the challenge will be to keep it off!

    Just keep doing what you have been doing. If you keep losing weight and don't want to, just add a more food a little at a time till it levels off. Awesome job!!! Thanks for sharing your inspiring story!!
  • CoffeeNstilettos
    CoffeeNstilettos Posts: 2,593 Member
    Amazing 👏 well done!
  • tjnahm
    tjnahm Posts: 73 Member
    Congrats!! That is awesome!
  • TootlesToodles
    TootlesToodles Posts: 83 Member
    So Inspiring! You look amazing!
  • dblirondog
    dblirondog Posts: 133 Member
    WOW that is so outstanding! Great job!! I am trying to lose 30 lbs, so that is very inspiring! Thanks for sharing.
  • mirianyusm
    mirianyusm Posts: 89 Member
    Awesome! good training!
  • urban287
    urban287 Posts: 50 Member
    Great job!
  • JackJHigson
    JackJHigson Posts: 2 Member
  • mjglantz
    mjglantz Posts: 503 Member
    Way to go! You story is inspiring and shows it doesn't have to be more than starting to make some healthy changes. Keep up the good work.
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