43 lbs lost - halfway to my goal


I lost 43 lbs in about 4 months. I am hoping to continue this success but I've hit a little slow patch and I wanted to contemplate and celebrate my success so far.


  • JustRamona
    JustRamona Posts: 382 Member
  • mspewak
    mspewak Posts: 2 Member
    I have lost 55 lbs. since May 15 and I too have hit a bit of a rough patch, but keep moving onward and focus on the big goal. My problem is my bellyfat which is proving harder to lose than what has gone so far.
  • NYPhotographer2021
    NYPhotographer2021 Posts: 505 Member
    43 lbs in 4 months is impressive! Congratulations!! Don't worry about the slowdown. Let your body adjust and just keep doing whatever you have been doing. Your body will catch up again!! WTG!!
  • PeachTye
    PeachTye Posts: 10 Member
    Wow good job on your consistency
  • zgochenour
    zgochenour Posts: 67 Member
    Lost 8" off my waist (50" to 42"). Needing a whole new wardrobe already!
  • JamesyPaylor
    JamesyPaylor Posts: 13 Member
    What a transformation! Keep it up buddy. I've recently lost a similar amount of weight and it's such a nice feeling to find your clothes are too loose rather than too tight. I went to put my work trousers on the other day and was shocked when they fell down to my ankles haha!
  • Nikki542687
    Nikki542687 Posts: 47 Member
    Way to go!
  • shadowloss
    shadowloss Posts: 293 Member
    Don't give up. I've been stalled for 5 months! The positive, I've not gained back the weight and continue to log my calories. I've just gotten a little complacent and need to refocus. Hoping now that the Summer and travel is over, I can jump start the loss again.

    You've done great so far, just don't give up, most of us have been there and some of us have been there more than once and just maintaining is better than giving up what you've worked so hard for!
  • Arc2Arc
    Arc2Arc Posts: 484 Member
    Great work!!! Periodic stalls are part of it. I hit my half-way mark today and feel the stall. So I'll ease up for a few days and then come back with a vengeance. Be patient with yourself, the strength that got you half-way remains within you!
  • edflood
    edflood Posts: 5 Member
    Your progress is impressive. Keep up the great work!
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