Try fasting

Anyone fasting? How’s it going?


  • waleson85
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    Yes, I fast every week, I will fast for two 24 hour intervals each week or I will fast for 48 hours straight, depending. I suggest you read this book, it helped me a lot, "The Complete Guide to Fasting" by Jason Fung & Jimmy Moore
  • kshama2001
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    I fast 12:12 every day. Have lost almost 40 pounds this year.
  • Prettyeyes0214
    Prettyeyes0214 Posts: 4 Member
    My fasting schedule is 18/6.I am not a breakfast eater so this works for me.I eat between 12pm and 6pm and it is going really well.
  • aginghealthier
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    My fasting schedule is also 18/6. Intermittent Fasting helped me to break through a plateau and now I am 1# from goal. I will continue to use it throughout maintenance. My results are: 20# lost using calorie counting alone and an additional 23# with added fasting.
  • natasor1
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    nope. no one on this site does IF.
    we NEVER see this topic come up.
    Not 15 times a day.

    We see about IF all the time. It become a very highly regarded topic, b/c recent studies proved that IF much more effective than just restricting calories. People who leave IF from their horizon are just short cut their ability to improve health, genetics, epigenetics, life expectancy.
    Moreover, the combination of IF and CR are making wonders. So why not to use that a part of our life?... So, talking, writing, discussing it is very important, and, I hope, this site will be one of places where we can obtain some knowledge of it.

  • Xellercin
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    Going in about 2 months of IF here and loving it.

    I started with 18:6 with two "normal" eating days, graduated to mostly OMAD, and am now doing alternate day fasting, which has turned out to be my favourite.
  • JustJeff1977
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    I am doing a 20 or 30 hour once a week. Either dinner to dinner for the 20, or dinner to breakfast on the day after next for the 30. I have a personal crackpot theory that I'm testing- that the extremely low insulin will even out the fat loss a bit because the naturally resistant areas (waist for me) will not be able to resist at those levels.