Welcome to the new Community design. We know there are some big changes to get used to as well some challenges and bugs. Please check out our post about New Updates To The Community as well as Outstanding Bugs. We will continue to collect feedback and bug issues and will work to make improvements.

⭐️ Check out what's NEW! Updates to the Community 🎉

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👋 If y'all haven't already noticed things look a bit different around here. The community team has been hard at work over the past several months working on a redesign of our Community. These changes not only update the look and feel of the community, but they improve the overall stability of our forums and allow us to offer new features that were not previously available. We know change can sometimes be difficult, but we are so excited about the new features and design that will enable us to provide the best community experience possible.

A big THANK YOU to the community members who participated in surveys and voted on some the new features we have released. Our community is nothing without its members.

So what's New?

Design and UI improvements:

  • We’ve updated the look and feel of the community to reflect a more modern design for both mobile and web (i.e. new font, colors, style, etc.). *please note: We have sadly said goodbye to BBCode formatting. While we know many of you loved being able to customize your posts with colors it just was not a sustainable formatting option for the future of our forums.
  • Our new Home page includes Categories, important Announcements, and updates to the Sidebar.
  • The Sidebar now includes a New Post button (to create a New Discussion, Poll, Question or Idea), a Quick Links Menu, a list of all Categories, and Popular Tags.
  • The Quick Links Menu (in the sidebar on web/below the list of content on a page on mobile) has some of the links we think you will use most like My Bookmarks, My Groups, Community Guidelines and so on.

New and Updated Categories:

  • Updated Category Names - We've update the names of a few categories to hopefully make it a bit more clear about what should be posted in a specific category. Please always take a look at the category description if you are unsure if you have chosen the correct category for your new discussion.
  • New Categories - We've created a few new categories for members to participate in.

New Features:

  • Polls 📊: Polls adds a new Discussion option: “New Poll.” Members can poll the community for their opinion, or thoughts on a certain topic. i.e. What’s the greatest sitcom of all time : Friends, Cheers, Wings, HIMYM and then other community members can make their pick and comment on the poll.
  • Tagging 🏷️: Tagging is a feature that allows members to add keywords to new discussions. Tags help label specific content for improved search-ability. New tags can only be created by staff members.
  • Ideas💡(Only Available in Feature Suggestions and Ideas Category): Ideas adds a new Discussion option : "New Idea". Members are able to create a new Feature Idea that can be upvoted by other members. Please check out our Feature Suggestions and Ideas Guidelines to learn about how to post a Feature Idea.
  • Questions and Answers❓(Only Available in select Categories): Q&A adds a new Discussion option: “Ask a Question.” When a member asks a question, other community members are invited to answer that question. For example, have a question about how to use the app or about a technical issue you are having? Ask a Question in our MyFitnessPal Tech Support Questions category.

What's Still in Progress:

  • User Cards: When you click on another users image next to their post it will open the user card much like it used to. This element is still a work in process. We have made some changes like adding clickable links for Discussions and Comments so you can easily find more content from that user. However, currently the View Profile link in the user card links back to the user's forum profile vs. their main MyFitnessPal profile like it used to. We are still working on this feature and hope to find a better solution to direct users to the MyFitnessPal profile page so users can easily add each other as friends and send each other messages. Please stay tuned for future updates. **Please note in the meantime, Web users can look up another user by using the Find Members link to search a username. App users can Navigate to the More menu in the App, then Friends or Messages, and then click the "+" icon to start a new friend request or private message using another user's username.
  • Category Images and Banners: We are excited to bring unique imagery to each category in the future.

**While we hope everything will go smoothly, please be patient with us while we work out any kinks and address bugs that may arise with a big change like this. If you run into any technical issues with using the Community forums please write in to our support team so we can further assist.**


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