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Alert/Warning when not replying to the latest post in a discussion


This mainly impacts the 'Fun and Games' discussions, where users are playing games in which their new post is usually based on the most recent prior post. In other forums it probably doesn't matter as much.

The problem this would help solve occurs when a user is replying and they aren't on the last page of the current discussion, or when there is a 'race condition' between two users replying to the same post, and one replies with a new post, and the other poster doesn't realize someone posted an update first. So the reply they post doesn't apply to the prior post as it should, and usually makes no sense. It's like playing out of order in a card game where the proper play often depends entirely on what was played by the person right before you.

So it would be nice in this situation for the person affected to get something when replying that says "You may not be replying to the most recent post" when they're not on the last page of the discussion, or if they started editing a reply and someone else posted prior to them hitting their 'Reply' button. After the alert/warning, they should get a way to select one of the following - 1) Post now anyway, or 2) Show most recent posts and continue editing, or 3) Cancel this reply.

Or something like that. Anything to let the person replying know that they haven't read to the end of the discussion that they are replying to would help, even if it can't be issued ahead of the reply being posted.

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A Poll has been posted in Fun and Games to see if a message would be helpful.


  • cmsienk
    cmsienk Posts: 17,970 Member
    edited November 2021

    You're not wrong. That would probably solve it. But now it would be nice to be able to find the games I've been playing. That's nearly impossible to do on my phone with the new update.

  • durden
    durden Posts: 3,201 MFP Staff

    Thank you for the suggestion! Unfortunately I don't believe our forums support this feature on the back-end, but it's something we can look into and consider for the future if it is possible.

  • Betty
    Betty Posts: 8,819 MFP Staff

    Hi @s1im62 Just chiming in that indeed that's not currently possible, but I wonder if having a message at the top of Fun and Games discussions might help? It would be at the top of the page like the messages are in this category, but could perhaps be a gentle reminder to make sure you have refreshed the page and are on the most recent page before posting. If you think that could be a possible solution, I'm happy to make a poll in the Fun and Games category.

    Also @cmsienk we were able to make some adjustments to layouts. All Categories are back on the home page for both web and mobile, and both Chit-Chat and Fun and Games should be visible in Recent Discussions again. Hopefully that helps with locating the threads you play in.

  • s1im62
    s1im62 Posts: 29,677 Member
    edited November 2021

    Yes @Betty a refresh reminder would help!

    I try to always do a refresh before and after posting in Fun and Games discussion, but sometimes forget. If the community supports the idea I'll be happy to see it happen.

    Thanks! 👍

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