It's easy.....

To get discouraged here in your first week when you aren't sure about the app or it's community! If you are in your first week, or even first week back to MFP, comment here and I'll add ya. Having content flood your feed, even if it's just "so and so logged on for 8 days in a row" or "so and so did so many minutes of this exercise" really helps motivate you when you are just beginning!!
Peace Love & Light Y'all!!


  • donnaforbes5938
    donnaforbes5938 Posts: 2 Member
    I've been tracking in here for some time, ( not always completing the day ) Today, I made a commitment to myself to make the effort. I would like you to add me in the hope it keeps me motivated and, well, I always thought that this works better when you have someone to do it with you.
  • balake420
    balake420 Posts: 2 Member
    Please add!
  • drollings2019
    drollings2019 Posts: 95 Member
    I love having friends that are active in my news feed. That keeps me motivated more than anything!
  • Ginharbe
    Ginharbe Posts: 76 Member
    Please add me!, and I understand totally, I don't log to read every day but I try to keep with my food logs , it's hard when you are busy all day. I need to be more participating member
  • shufru
    shufru Posts: 1 Member
    I'm joining back into MFP I'm a little nervous honestly. I've had some issues with my health going on and it scared me a little bit to get my weight and my health under control. I've failed so many times at trying to do this I really need some encouragement to keep going and to get through this.
  • Ivyhall17
    Ivyhall17 Posts: 1 Member
    Add me please :)