Good first week and looking for weightloss buddies

Hi, I have lost 5lbs in my first week which I am delighted with but know it'll slow down and am aiming for 1 to 2lbs a week...Am in the UK but looking for any newbies/weight loss buddies as in it for the long run and have at least 50lbs to lose. Have a good week everyone x


  • Mama530
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    Hi there! I’d love to join you, add me if you feel our goals would compliment each other.

    50 yr old female
    100+ pounds to lose
    Have logged in consistently for 120 days
    Averaging 1.5-3.5 pounds loss per week
    Goal is to be active, fit, happy & healthy

    Been here/done that. Ten years ago, I was a Shape Magazine success story, but lost myself and gained all the weight and more back. I’m here to take back control of my life, once and for all. Learning from my past mistakes and choices that brought me back to this place.
  • destindriven
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    Hello all. I’m back trying to loose at least 77 pounds. I’m also in my 50’s and this weight gain is just depressing and unhealthy. I’m cheering us all on.
  • cnbbnc
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    I can be a buddy as well. I just had my 50th birthday. I lost alot of weight using this app a few years ago but then gained it all back. It's really hard getting started again and I'd love to have a few women my age to share with. Ideally I need to lose about 40lbs, but for now I'm striving for 10 as I want to set smaller goals for myself.
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    I sent a friend request to everyone 😊. I really need to lose this weight this time! Sugar numbers are not good and I really don’t want to be on insulin. I’m 40, 230lbs. Just trying to get under 200 for now. Will update my goals after I make it there.
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    How do you send friend requests? This app has changed ALOT since the last time I was here and I'm really confused now!

    Ugh.... nevermind.....I figured it out. 😑
  • Hey!

    Congrats on the fantastic first week! Great job!

    I would love to be buddies and think our journeys could be very similar. I have more than 50lbs to lose; I've also been on my journey for one week and like you, I had a really good first week. I'm also in the UK.

    I've had failures in the past years, but having just recently had a few scary health discoveries, I'm going to lose the exta lbs once and for all.

    Please add me if you think that we could support and encourage each other. It would be great to celebrate your future milestones and maybe a laugh or two along the way.

    Thanks a million - Michelle x