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Show post HH:MM time beyond current day

Replies on prior days do not display the time posted. Please extend the display of HH:MM along with the date to at least the most recent prior day.

Granted, for items posted a week or more in the past, the hour and minute are not very useful. But it can be helpful to know the time for posts made in the prior day, especially when replying to a discussion shortly after midnight, when some previous posts may still be in the 'editable' window.
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  • s1im62
    s1im62 Posts: 29,677 Member
    I just noticed on my computer that if I mouse-over the date of an old post, it shows a tool-tip with the date and HH:MM time of the post. I don't know if that's always been a feature of the 'new forums' engine, or a recent enhancement.

    It works on my computer that way, but not on my phone (where I'm using the web browser - my older phone doesn't support the MFP app).

    So I can check the post time using my computer when I'm at home. When away from home it's still a minor annoyance, but maybe not worth addressing vs. other features that need attention.