added sugars vs natural sugars

It looks like all sugars are bad and as a woman you are only showing total sugars, thereby eliminating naturally occurring sugars such as in bananas. So consequently I eat one banana and that’s almost all my sugar for the day. Stupid! It is added sugars that is the culprit. If labels need to show added sugars now, shouldn’t that be a separate category in nutrition? Just saying…


  • kenyonhaff
    kenyonhaff Posts: 1,377 Member first off...sugar isn't bad. MyFitnessPal never indicated that you had to eliminate all sugar from your food consumption. Nor should you. Sugars are a nutrient that we need in our diet.

    Unfortunately in English we tend to use the word "sugar" to indicate cane sugar, or perhaps other similar sugars like corn syrup. But "sugar" also chemically means sugars like lactose and fructose that come from foods like milk or a banana. The average healthy person would do well to reduce the amount of "added sugar" (meaning sugar added to food) in their diet, but do not really need to worry about sugar from the banana in their bowl of Cheerios (in fact, do that...fiber, nutrition and volume, yum!).

    If you do have issues with sugar (like you are a diabetic) the advice is slightly different. But even then diabetics NEED to have sugars on hand in case of low blood sugar.

    Consulting a nutritionist is really the best way to get advice for you, so if you do have access to one I highly suggest checking it out.