Intro: Former SP, Avid Cyclist

Hey all, I've been using MFP for a while now, pretty much since SP announced they were shutting down. One of the things I miss most about SP is the rich community they created on their site, so I'm hoping to connect with some people here and begin the process of "friending" and "being friended" over again.

My main fitness passion is cycling but I have several major goals for 2022: (1) Get back to an average daily weight of 200 lbs by April - I've put on about 6 lbs over the fall and winter. (2) Login to MFP and track my diet and exercise for 365 consecutive days. (3) Integrate my strength training plan throughout the year - in the past, I've let go of strength training when it warms up and I'm outside on my bike a lot. (4) Complete a 100-mile bike ride in less than 5:30 by August - this is an average of about 18.3 mph. (5) Ride for 4000 or more miles by December 31.

I hope to connect with some of you soon!


  • Betty
    Betty Posts: 8,865 MFP Staff
    Hello! We are so happy you found your way here after SP shut down. Those are some great goals for 2022. Wishing you success.