Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken Soup (from

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This is one of our favorite soups (sorry, no pics). It is low cal and delicious and we make it regularly. If we do rice, we do it on the side, primarily for calorie control. We do tend to make more broth than is called for (personal preference) as it is delcious. We also like to go a little heavy on the shredded chicken breast to get the protein up a bit.

Depending on how you make it, it is typically in the 190 to 250 calcories per cup range.

It freezes/thaws well and tastes every bit as good as fresh. Perfect for lunches at work.

This was the number #1 recipe download on for a long time but is now buried in the myriad of new recipes that they have.


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    I love skinnytaste! It's where I get most of my meals. Her stuffed pepper soup is amazing 🤤