Any one know of a good dieting supplement that works really well?

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im trying to lose weight but i want to do it fast any suggestions?


  • yirara
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    Seriously, what the other people said. There's no magic. Your body can only lose a certain amount of fat per day, and no supplement that claims such magic can change this. The only thing those things does is decrease the weight of your wallet.
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    The only "dieting supplements" that are effective will also cause you to lose your job if you get called in for a wizz quiz and will get you hit with criminal charges if you're caught in possession of them (in the US at least), if you get my drift.
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    Intermittent fasting is just changing/restricting the times you eat. It has nothing to do with what or, importantly, how much you eat. No guarantee that IF will lead to any weight loss as you may just eat as much as before.
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    A rule of this website is to not promote very low calorie diets. They should only be done under medical supervision.

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    It took time to gain the weight and it will take the same time, if not more to lose it FOR GOOD.

    Sure, you can do crazy things to lose it for a short while - but if habits are not sustainable then your weight loss will not be sustainable.

    Change your habits, be in a calorie deficit everyday and if you hate working out then just walk for 30mins a day.

    Create mini lbs lost goals - not the entire amount in one go and celebrate those mini milestones.

    If you do this properly it will be so much more rewarding.