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    @swimmom_1 Nothing to apologize for, we are always here for a listening ear. I am so sorry to hear it was worse than they thought. Will be thinking of you and your family during this difficult time.
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    Highest weight: 293 (1/28/22)
    Current weight: 180.6
    February weight lost so far: -

    February 1—178 (A new short month is upon us. Looking forward to firmly establishing myself in the 170's this month and continuing to make progress towards my fitness goals.)
    February 2—178.4 (Had lots of fun exercising yesterday - shadow boxing, indoor cycling and upper body strength. It's cold so I'm finding fun ways to exercise indoors.)
    February 3—179.2 (Got a new PR on my 45 minute Peloton ride yesterday. We had a delicious steak dinner and I had a relaxing night. Only one more day of bad cold until the dog and I will resume our outdoor walks.)
    February 4—179.6 (The weekend is almost here... looking forward to the mental break. I am juggling cycling, strength and boxing programs and wanting to do it all so having more time for exercise is very exciting to me.)
    February 5—179.8 (Up at 5 am to crush my long ride of the week. 75 minutes done and ready to get into the day.)
    February 6—178.6 (Off to snowshoe in Kananaskis today. Warm weather is back and the mountains are calling.)
    February 7—181.6 (Had a fabulous weekend... Monday morning always comes so quickly. The weather is divine, most of our snow has melted, and the sun is out. Looking forward to a lunch time walk as I have a heavy bloated feeling in my stomach this morning.)
    February 8—181 (Husband made beef ribs on the BBQ last night - he is a charcoal grill master. The portion size on ribs to keep calories reasonable is very low, but I enjoyed my serving. I've had many moments in the last few weeks where I think back to old me and I have no idea how many calories I was eating, but it must have been a lot! Knowledge is power for me.)
    February 9—180.4 (Tired in the mornings so I've been exercising more at night which is harder on me, but I'm getting it done. We have dinner out with friends tonight so I have the meal pre-logged and I'm planning a maintenance day.)
    February 10-177.8 (Had a lovely supper out last night and stuck to my pre-tracked plan. Just focused on getting my 10K steps and got to bed when we got home from supper. Got up at 5 a.m. this morning to get my Peloton ride in since we're out again tonight.)
    February 11-178 (Got up early to ride before work and got a new PR on my 60 minute ride. Busy work day so far. Just wrapping up and need to back as we're off to Banff to meet out-of-town family for supper.)
    February 12-176.2 (Had a great time in Banff with family. Had supper out that we walked to and from. Stayed up later than normal. Breakfast and a snowshoe this morning before returning home. Now about to go out again to take my Mom into Calgary for a one night staycation.)
    February 13-179.6 (Had fun with Mom and my husband in Calgary. Picked the healthier of the meal options available but there was dessert and wine so I did go over my calories. Enjoy Superbowl today everyone!)
    February 14-180.4 (Between yesterday and today I did a lot of strength so I'm sore now. Night in to celebrate with my sweetie. His birthday is also in two days and then we will be mostly back to normal here.)
    February 15-181 (Had a loving Valentine's Day celebration. Got my Peloton ride in before work as we are busy tonight with appointments and phone calls.)
    February 16-180 (Today was my husband's birthday. I got a Peloton ride in and then I went out to get him breakfast before work. We had a nice sunshine filled walk at lunch and I took him to a fun restaurant in downtown Calgary for supper. The week of events is almost coming to a close!)
    February 17-179.8 (Not a skier but figured tubing down Lake Louise was our speed so off to do that today.)
    February 18-180.2 (Was back at work for one day today and now it's onto a three day long weekend as it's a holiday here in Alberta on Monday. The weather has turned cold again but the hubby and I will still ensure we find ways to be active.)
    February 19-180.2 (Have a long list of stuff I am doing today - some social stuff, some errands, some outdoor time/exercise. Time to get to it!)
    February 20-181.6 (The snow has come back. There is a lot of it outside waiting for me to shovel. Plans for today include that, a movie, the possible purchase of a road bike, and a Peloton ride.)
    February 21-180.6 (Had fun yesterday at a movie out. Also bought a gravel bike like I thought so I'm ready to keep up to my husband in the spring. I rode the Peloton for 60 minutes last night. Feeling sore today but want to get a strength day in.)
    February 22-
    February 23-
    February 24-
    February 25-
    February 26-
    February 27-
    February 28-
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    @swimmom_1 I am so very sorry to hear about your sister and her cancer returning. Being a survivor myself to this point, I know it is something we live with everyday. That possibility of it's horrific return. I will pray for no pain and for peace in her soul. I will pray for you and the entire family.
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    Goals: Maintain Weight 178-182
    Log During Maintenance

    Oct. 2021 weight: 206.0
    Weight loss: 27.4

    February 1: 179.1
    February 2: 179.2
    February 3: 179.1
    February 4: 179.1
    February 5: 178.8
    February 6: 180.0
    February 7: 179.9 Salty weekend
    February 8: 178.6
    February 9: 178.4
    February 10: 178.9
    February 11: 178.0
    February 12: 178.5
    February 13: 178.9
    February 14: 178.9
    February 15: 178.8 Still on the salt train!
    February 16: 178.0 I’m back!
    February 17: 178.0
    February 18: 178.4
    February 19: 178.0
    February 20: 178.3
    February 21: 178.6
    February 22:
    February 23:
    February 24:
    February 26:
    February 27:
    February 28
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    February 21- 216.4- I’m joining late. I tried on bridesmaid dresses yesterday and it didn’t go well so it’s time to get back on track!
    February 22-
    February 23-
    February 24-
    February 25-
    February 26-
    February 27-
    February 28
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    I'm Jacquie - 59 years old from Canada. My goal is to lose the 15 lbs that have crept back on over the past two years. I'm looking forward to being accountable each day to help get back on track. I enjoy working out so didn't add any exercise goals but want to work on logging consistently and accurately and staying within my calorie goal each day.

    2022 goals:

    ⚫️Lose .5 pounds each week
    ⚫️Reach my goal weight of 130 lbs

    Daily Goals:

    ♥️Plan my meals and snacks each day
    ♥️Log consistently and accurately
    ♥️Eat within my calorie goal
    ♥️Avoid mindless snacking

    Highest weight: 170 lbs
    Current weight: 145.6 lbs

    February 1— 145.6
    February 2 - 144.4
    February 3 - 144.6
    February 4 - 144.8
    February 5 - 143.0 (???-think maybe from dehydration or because I ate dinner early yesterday)
    February 6 - 143.4 (Yeah! Stayed down in 143s!)
    February 7 - 144.6 (Sigh... didn't last! But take out Chinese food with friends yesterday was fun! And I felt good about the amounts I ate - even if it doesn't show up on the scale)
    February 8 - 143.6 (Yeah!)
    February 9 - 142.6
    February 10 - 143.0
    February 11 - 142.8
    February 12 - 143.0
    February 13 - 143.4
    February 14 - 143.4
    February 15 - Overslept and totally forgot to weigh myself.
    February 16 - Twice!!! Couldn't believe I did it a second time!
    February 17 - 142.6
    February 18 - 141.8
    February 19 - 143.2 (Get together with friends last night - lots of late night snacking)
    February 20 - 142.8
    February 21 - 143.2
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    ♥️❤️February Challenge❤️♥️

    Hi all. I’m Leah and I’m late to the February challenge...hope that’s ok.

    I’ll be 51 in March. I lost a lot of weight about 10 years ago but have gained a lot back.

    I am 5’5” and currently 180 lbs. I have 6 children, two grand babies and one coming 💕💕💕

    Learning to deal with “the change” and all the fun it brings 🙄 The last year brought some personal issues as well which have really thrown me for a loop. Struggling with some depression...slow and steady weight gain NOT HELPFUL lol

    I’m right now in physical therapy trying to resolve several overuse injuries I’ve acquired from many years of running. I think I need a new favorite workout.

    2022 goals:

    -Find an activity that won’t put me back in pain.
    -Lose 25 pounds 🎉
    -Lift the depression and be “me” again 😊

    Daily Goals:

    -Follow my morning routine
    -Drink enough water
    -Take my supplements
    -30 minutes planned activity
    -Eat between 10 a.m.- 6 p.m. (intermittent fasting 16/8)

    Current weight: 180

    February 21- 180
    February 22-
    February 23-
    February 24-
    February 25-
    February 26-
    February 27-
    February 28-

    Looking forward to posting and reading posts 😊😊
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    Thanks for the birthday wishes!!!
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    February Challenge❤

    I’m 5’2” tall and in my 40s...

    2022 goals:

    ⚫️135 lbs...fit and healthy *less sugary sweets, butter, and cheese*
    Spend more time doing what I enjoy...art, reading, walking, day trips trying new restaurants and visiting antique shops and museums...

    Daily Goals:

    ♥️Start my day with 10 minute Pilates
    ♥️Plan healthy meals and stick to it
    ♥️Sleep well
    ♥️Eat less sugar ~1500 calories
    ♥️walk 150 minutes per week +
    ♥️Drink more water

    Highest weight: about 160
    Current weight: 143
    February weight lost so far:

    February 1—143
    February 2—143
    February 3—144
    February 4—144
    February 5—144
    February 6—143
    February 7—143
    February 8—143...going slowly!:/
    February 9—143
    February 10-145! Ate at Huddle House😬
    February 11-144
    February 12-144
    February 13-144
    February 14- 144
    February 15-143
    February 16-144
    February 17-143
    February 18-143
    February 19-144 Huddle House breakfast and an evening glazed donut from K. KREME😬
    February 20-143
    February 21-143
    February 22-143 I'm happy to be maintaining my weight in February, I guess, which tends to be one of those months I usually gain weight!
    February 23-
    February 24-
    February 25-
    February 26-
    February 27-
    February 28- GOAL 140

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    Here is your reset button if you need it. ♥️
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    ♥️❤️February Challenge❤️♥️

    Hi! Excited to participate in another challenge! I’ve kept off 7 pounds so far after starting these challenges in October. I’m planning to work out every work day for 45 minutes, restrict eating out for the weekend, log and drink 8 glasses of water daily.

    Highest weight: 165
    Month start weight: 155
    February weight lost so far: 0

    February 1 - 155 (home cooked/ ran 45 m)
    February 2 - 156 (home cooked/ ran 45 m)
    February 3 - 156 (home cooked/ ran 45 m)
    February 4 - 156 (home cooked)
    February 5 - 156 (went out)
    February 6 - 155 (went out)
    February 7 - 155 (home cooked, ran 45 m)
    February 8 - 154 (home cooked, ran 45 m)
    February 9 - 154 (home cooked, ran 45 m)
    February 10 - 154 (home cooked, ran 45 m)
    February 11 - 154 (went out, walked 45 m)
    February 12 - 155 (went out)
    February 13 - 156 (went out)
    February 14 - 156 (home cooked/ walked 15 m)
    February 15 - 156 (went out/ walked 45 m)
    February 16 - 155 (home cooked/ jogged/walked 45 m)
    February 17 - 154 (home cooked, ran 45 m)
    February 18 - 153 (home cooked/ walked 30 m)
    February 19 - 153 (went out)
    February 20 - 155 (went out)
    February 21 - 156 (home cooked/ ran 45 m)
    February 22 - 155 (home cooked/ran 45 m)

    Burning off the delicious weekend food!

    February 23 -
    February 24 -
    February 25 -
    February 26 -
    February 27 -
    February 28 -
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    Highest Weight: 151
    Current Weight: 149
    Total Weight Loss: 2.4
    February Weight Loss So Far: .04
    Feb 1: 149
    Feb 2: 148.8 ⬇️😊
    Feb 3: 149.2 ⬆️🤦‍♀️
    Feb 4; 149.8 ⬆️🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️
    Feb 5-
    Feb 6-
    Feb 7: 150.6 ⬆️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
    Feb 8: 149.8 ⬇️😊
    Feb 9: 149.8
    Feb 10: 149.8 🐢
    Feb 11: 149.6 ⬇️
    Feb 12: 149.6
    Feb 13: -
    Feb 14; 149.6
    Feb 15: 149 ⬇️
    Feb 16: 148.2 ⬇️ 👏
    Feb 17: 148.2
    Feb 18; 147.8 ⬇️ 1️⃣ 🎉
    Feb 19; -
    Feb 20: -
    Feb 21: -
    Feb 22: 148.6 ⬆️ 🤷‍♀️
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    My name is Donna. I am 5’ 5” tall, 61 years old and from the Midwest USA. In 2016 I weighed 253 lbs. I am on a journey of health and to get back to the real me.

    Every healthy habit brings me closer to scratching each of these off to NEVER see them again!
    250’s; 240’s; 230’s; 220's; 210's; 200's; 190's; 180’s; 170's; 160's; 150’s

    Starting Weight (from January 31st): 197.0
    Goal: 192.0 (Five lb Loss)

    **************************ONE DAY, ONE STEP, ONE DECISION AT A TIME**************************

    02/01…...197.0…..(Trend Weight 195.1)….. Pro: No change. There’s that! Con: Only 28 days to get something done!

    02/02.…..197.4…..(Trend Weight 195.3)….. Meals good. Snacks bad. No TMI and exercise ziltch but the renovation is moving along, although slowly.

    02/03.…..195.8…..(Trend Weight 195.4}….. No better on the exercise due to the restrictions, but meals were much better planned. Quantities much better too. Pushing water today as tonight’s homemade Mexican food will likely be high in sodium.

    02/04.…..196.4…..(Trend Weight 195.5)….. Sodium from the Mexican I presume because otherwise the day was not bad. I did hit a record low on calories burned, miles walked and steps according to my fitbit. Fitness makes a big difference!

    02/05.…..196.4…..(Trend Weight 195.6)….. Full-on BINGE last night. Probably the worst I’ve ever experienced. I don’t even know what triggered it. Nothing showed up on the scale yet this morning, but I know it’s coming…..

    02/06.…..194.6…..(Trend Weight 195.5)….. This is the first time in awhile (I only checked records back to 3 weeks) that my trend weight has went down. Thrilled because that means that something is really happening! A nice drop on the scale this morning too. I’m surprised that the binge hasn’t shown up yet. Maybe I’ll luck out on this one. No matter! I’m running with it. It makes me feel encouraged today.

    02/07.…..195.4…..(Trend Weight 195.5)….. I had a very good day yesterday. Dietary was on point. More steps and activity than I’ve been able to get lately. The uptick is likely from a few days ago but I’m not worried since I’ve been doing well since then.

    02/08.…..193.4…..(Trend Weight 195.3)….. Three squares and some sugar-free candy for a snack. Upped the steps to 8700 but calorie burn was about the same as the days prior. This is a whoosh.

    02/09.…..193.4…..(Trend Weight 195.1)….. Holding steady and happy for that. I don’t expect loss everyday, so no gain is good and the path I’m on is the right one.

    02/10.…..196.0…..(Trend Weight 195.2)….. A good day, but pizza for dinner shocked my scale this morning. It is ridiculous how fast the scale flies up! It was very salty tasting so I will push water today.

    02/11.…..194.8…..(Trend Weight 195.1)….. An okay day yesterday reflected better on the scale. Doctor appointments today for son & I for diabetes. Also for heart for me. They are going to send me to a heart and vascular center I guess. It doesn’t pay to flunk two EKG’s. They were supposed to do it late last fall but had trouble with insurance. Then I let it go due to all the holidays and then my brother’s death. Time to get things right with my heart now. I’ve gotten to the point where I am a little afraid to even exercise with all the sinking and fluttering I am feeling. Need answers.

    02/12.…..197.8…..(Trend Weight 195.4)….. Fasted until 3:00 for doctor appointment/bloodwork. Then subway and cake. Cake twice. Did I take advantage of the fact I won’t have glucose checked by doctor for another 3 months? Probably. Regrets today.

    02/13.…..197.4…..(Trend Weight 195.6)….. I was so sick last night from all of this weeks bad choices. Pizza, Subway, Cake etc. All too rich. My body could not get enough water yesterday as it tried to flush everything out to save this diabetic from a hospital trip. My sugar read 438 an hour after my medication. I’m smarter than this. I just need to win this staring competition with my diabetes. I will not blink today!

    02/14.…..197.6…..(Trend Weight 195.8)….. A great day yesterday which I am disappointed did not reflect on the scale. Over 14,000 steps, over 6 miles and 3047 calories burned overall including my normal expenditure. Diet was light and on-point. No cheats. The scale is playing games with me but I know if I stay on point it will eventually have to be honest. I was proud of yesterday. The numbers were all in hard work cleaning out master bdrm to get new bedroom set and that was a back and forth chore. But I worked really hard! Going thru lots of clothes today too. No point in putting back in things I’m not wearing or no longer like. I know I had some dietary cheats this week that are probably reflecting on the scale today. So today I pay the piper and hope for a better tomorrow.

    02/15……196.0…..(Trend Weight 195.8)….. Another good day yesterday and finally the scale is cooperating. Down 1.6 today. My choices and hard work are paying off. I’m still working on the bedroom project. Lots to go thru. Also, I’ve been using that room as storage during the renovations for lots of living room décor so there is a lot to get thru. New wall and archway is still being built and finished. It’s looking good although the mess is horrid! Drywall dust is the worst! It gets everywhere!

    02/16……194.4…..(Trend Weight 195.7)….. This is a couple of good days in a row of diet and movement finally showing up in a bigger better way. Yesterday was another very good day on both fronts until…..that late night bagel (Starving!) with honey butter on it and the handful of jolly ranchers (couple hundred calories?). Glad I didn’t sabotage the scale with it, unless it shows up later……To be continued.

    02/17.…..196.0…..(Trend Weight 195.7)….. Up & Down by about a pound and a half over and over. It’s getting annoying. Diet on point all day. A little less movement than the prior couple of days but still not too bad. I’m thinking it’s those jolly ranchers from the other day. But still…..that is a big jump on the scale!

    02/18.…..194.2…..(Trend Weight 195.6)….. Well, after what appeared to be a very serious house fire filled with smoke I found out that it was my well pump that burned up. Smoke got into the cold air register making the smoke get transferred to all 3 floors. Breathing was difficult but it was obvious it was something I could shut down at it’s electrical box. Now, no water until God Himself know. Rural area here. Limited resources. Need a 1.5 HP jet deep well pump with dual inlet. Can’t seem to find one anywhere in America. I would like new, but I can’t even find one used. House size requires no less than that. And the well man (only one in my town) is not sure he knows how to even install this type. I have no idea what I am going to do at this point. Smdh. No answers.

    02/19.…..194.4…..(Trend Weight 195.4)….. I just need water. To drink, to bathe, to do dishes, to do laundry, to wash my hands! No answers. Where are my husband and brother when you need them? Oh, that’s right. They are in heaven. Maybe God will help then. Prayers requested please.
    02/20.…..196.0…..(Trend Weight 195.5)….. The up & down of the 1.5 pounds is really getting annoying! Great quantities yesterday. Steps & movement back up again. No snacks whatsoever. I think maybe it was the choices even though I am sure they were all within proper calorie levels. Gotta trust & move forward I guess.
    02/21.…..196.0…..(Trend Weight 195.6)….. A better week for sure but the renovations are still limiting my ability to exercise or get in enough movement, as well as my privacy. My short term goal is to hit the 180’s again and then hang on for dear life. I am picturing the man from “Up” holding on to those balloons. I need to get moving, hang on for dear life but enjoy the ride! Oh, and I need to keep promises….even to myself.

    02/22.…..197.6…..(Trend Weight 195.8)….. The well company never showed up for the appointment and never answered multiple calls. Pretty typical in my rural area. Not too many skilled trades like to travel to the multiple small towns that need service. My handyman put in a call to another company who said they would try to come today but we are in the midst of a winter storm warning with freezing rain and snow mix. I don’t know if they will come in this weather. Cortisol and stress eating and drinking last night (chocolate milk). The scale knows all your secrets.

    02/23.…..xxxxx…..(Trend Weight xxxxx)…..
    02/24.…..xxxxx…..(Trend Weight xxxxx)…..
    02/25.…..xxxxx…..(Trend Weight xxxxx)…..
    02/26.…..xxxxx…..(Trend Weight xxxxx)……
    02/27.…..xxxxx…..(Trend Weight xxxxx)……
    02/28.…..xxxxx…..(Trend Weight xxxxx)……
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    February 10
    ❤️February Challenge❤️♥️

    Kathi, 53, I’m 5’4” tall. I'm logging onto MFP after a Six month hiatus hoping to finally reach my goal of 140lbs by July.

    2022 goals:

    ⚫️Lose 1-2 lbs per week
    ⚫️Work out 5 x week to tone up

    Daily Goals:

    ♥️Log food daily
    ♥️Drink more water
    ♥️Stop mindless snacking

    Highest weight: 190
    Current weight: 168
    February Goal Weight: 164
    February weight lost so far:

    February 1—168
    February 2—168
    February 3—168
    February 4—168, I've been logging my food but need to kickstart my exercise regimen. Still 24 days to, not going to get discouraged!
    February 5—168, not exercising enough
    February 6—168
    February 7—169, too much fun this weekend
    February 8—169, lets start again
    February 9—167, back on track!
    February 10-167
    February 11-167
    February 12-167
    February 13-left
    February 14-town
    February 15-for
    February 16-a
    February 17-funeral
    February 18-and
    February 19-fell
    February 20-off
    February 21-track
    February 22-168, haven't tracked for over a week, and guess what? I've crept back up. But I'm exercising again and started to track.
    February 23-
    February 24-
    February 25-
    February 26-
    February 27-
    February 28-
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    ♥️❤️February Challenge❤️♥️

    I’m Chelsea, 23, I’m 5’9” tall. Trying to take control of my life from snacking!

    2022 goals:

    ⚫️Lose 1-2 lbs per week
    ⚫️Workout w/weights 3+/week ⚫️Sauna Occasionally

    Daily Goals:

    ♥️Start my day with a smoothie
    ♥️Log honestly and consistently
    ♥️Drink/log 100+oz water
    ♥️Cardio for 30min/day minimum

    Highest weight: 234
    February Start Weight: 206.4
    February Goal Weight: 202
    February weight lost so far: (-1.8bs)

    February 1—206.4
    February 2—205.2
    February 3—205.2
    February 4—204.8
    February 5—205.5
    February 6—205.2
    February 7—205.2
    February 8—203.9
    Visited a Sauna yesterday, that was quite nice!
    February 9—205.2
    February 10-205.4
    February 11-204.6
    (Really hating job, others responsibilities put on me/no pay increase or benefits)
    February 12-207 (skewed data as i weighed after brunch :( )
    February 13-208
    February 14-208
    February 15-207.8
    (Got Job 3 Offers-deliberating) (!!)
    February 16-207.2
    (I negotiated and got 16% higher than initial offer! This place is quite professional 10/10 work environment)
    February 17-207.1
    (Put in resignation letter-they told me to leave after a week only)
    (Immediately added to 24/7 response schedule as "punishment" until i leave )
    February 18-207
    February 19-205.5
    (Had to work the weekend/not paid overtime)
    February 20-206.6
    (Had to work the weekend/not paid overtime)
    February 21-208.8
    (Worked on the holiday)
    February 22-206.8
    February 23-
    February 24-
    February 25-
    (Last day at current job)
    February 26-
    February 27-
    February 28-