Support buddies for a working mum needed!

Hi, I'm looking for some buddies to help me stay motivated and share tips about meal preparation, planning, fun exercise. I had lost 60lbs since my youngest was born 2 years ago. But I've gone back to work and I just can't keep it all together anymore. The weight is creeping back😩 Help, please!


  • bhurley100
    bhurley100 Posts: 201 Member
    I'm in the same boat girl! It SUCKS!!! BUT.... we can do this. We KNOW what we need to eat/ portion control and KNOW we can make time for a 30 min. Workout.

    For me, busy, working, kids, house, animals, studying, blah blah blah. I'm tired, stressed and busy but can stay on track and keep focused if I try. Consistancy is key for me, maybe it would help you?

    Message me if you want to connect as an accountability buddy. We can do this 💪 🙌 ❤