Snack ideas

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I’m looking for healthy snack ideas and ones I could eat after supper.



  • zebasschick
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    do you actually mean healthy or do you mean low in calories? what ingredients or processes would you prefer to skip to make you feel a meal or snack is healthy?

    my favorite low in calorie snacks include dannon light & fit cherry or vanilla greek yogurt (high in protein, pretty low in sugar, too), juicy gels sugar free gel cups (5 calories each), jello cook and serve (or is it heat and serve) chocolate pudding - 11 grams powder in 3.5 oz non-fat milk. i love stirring in double chocolate chunk quest bar pieces for more chocolatey goodness and lots of protein. for that matter, i love double chocolate chunk quest bars and also the cookies and cream flavor. about 200 calories each, 20 grams of protein.

    there's a recipe on this board for 37 calorie brownies. experiment a little and the brownies can be super good.

    for salty snacks, i like quest protein tortilla chips - the chili and lime ones rock - or a salted rice cake with extra sharp cheddar on it and maybe a tad of light mayo? if you're a meat eater, how about beef jerky? or how about a scoop of egg salad with a light vegan mayo?

    i make homemade split pea soup. i don't like peas, but i LOVE dill, and i've discovered that with enough dill plus celery, a hint of salt and some carrots i really like it - one could also add veggie or real bacon bits. the soup is surprisingly low in calories, and once you make a batch, it's always ready. it also tastes good on cooked soybeans.
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    My snacks are typically fruit, or almonds or jerky (I'm make my own as a hobby). About once per week I have chips and salsa. Occasionally I'll snack on things like cucumber, but generally only when we've harvested our garden.
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    I agree with pp, we can't really give you advice without knowing what you mean by "healthy" and what you are trying to get out of snacking.

    I personally don't snack. If I legitimately need food between meals, I have a hard boiled egg because they're very filling.

    But I have no idea if that's a good suggestion for you, because I don't know if you're looking for flavourful snacks, nutrient dense snacks, low calories snacks, etc.

    Are you finding yourself hungry after dinner? Or do you just enjoy the process of snacking at night?