Need a motivational female buddy to support each other throw the weight loss Journey

Mother of three , never struggled with weight gain until recently. I stepped on the scale during COVID to find my self 25 lb over weight. I have been on a strict diet lost 10 lb. 15 lb more to go. I live in Los Angeles, California. Would love to find a Motivational buddy to support each other during the Journey.


  • BrookeNicole888
    BrookeNicole888 Posts: 12 Member
    Hi! Are you still looking for a motivational buddy? I’m looking for one too! We have similar goals and I’d love to be friends 😊 let’s do this!
  • Lhenderson923
    Lhenderson923 Posts: 102 Member
    You can send me a friend request if you want! I have a one year old and I’m currently pregnant with my second so I’m not loosing right now but trying hard to keep my weight gain under control this time around. I’ll be back to loosing once they’re born in August! I’ve successfully lost 70lbs using this app in the past.
  • JustSmitten77
    JustSmitten77 Posts: 28 Member
    I feel this and I’m here for it! I don’t know how to add people. Feel free to send a request.
  • Ruby2020A
    Ruby2020A Posts: 9 Member
    My name is Ruby I am 34 years old, from Los Angeles, CA . I have three boys. I currently weigh 139 my goal is to be 125-129 during COVID I stepped on the scale to find my self 150LB . I have been on a diet using Herbalife meal replacement and prolessa hunger control and fat burner. I have lost 11 lb within 4 weeks. I still have 10 -14 more lbs to go. I use my Apple Watch to count my steps my goal is to walk 10,000-12,000 steps per day. Would love to be your buddy pal during this journey. We could use each other for motivation.
    What is your story?