When do you weigh?!?

So I’m starting my weight loss journey once again and this time with quite a bit of weight to lose. I’ve had people tell me weigh everyday it keeps you motivated and others that say once weekly at the same time. Thoughts? Just curious what has worked best for others.


  • emmamcgarity
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    I weigh daily and enter the data into the HappyScale App. I update my weight in MyFitnessPal once a week.
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    I like to do a recorded weigh in every month about 3 days after my period (after the bloat water is released). I weigh in the morning (in nightie) before any food or liquid is consumed and before hair gets wet in a shower.

    I weigh other times without recording just to see when my body “gains” at certain points in the month due to hormones or digestive issues. But when I do the once a month recording of the weigh in I keep all variable as close to the same as possible.
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    Every day, first thing after peeing and before showering.
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    Erica0021 wrote: »
    So I’m starting my weight loss journey once again and this time with quite a bit of weight to lose. I’ve had people tell me weigh everyday it keeps you motivated and others that say once weekly at the same time. Thoughts? Just curious what has worked best for others.

    What matters is what keeps you motivated, and doesn't feel frustrating or obsessive to you, gives you the information you need to best stay on your desired track.

    Me, I'm pretty unemotional, and a data geek. I've weighed myself every morning for many years (except when traveling), even before trying to lose weight. For the last few years, I've put the daily weight into Libra (weight trending app). (Before that, I plotted it on graph paper, on the back of my linen closet door, weight on the vertical axis, date on the horizontal.)

    That probably wouldn't work well, for someone who finds weigh-ins stressful or emotion-provoking.

    Daily ups and downs aren't stressful for me: I expect them. What I care about is the overall trend, over weeks and months. I'm in maintenance now, so looking for the daily hills and valleys to average out to more or less a bumpy horizontal line. When I was losing, I was looking for the bumpy line to run overall downhill.
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    Erica0021 wrote: »
    So I’m starting my weight loss journey once again and this time with quite a bit of weight to lose. I’ve had people tell me weigh everyday it keeps you motivated and others that say once weekly at the same time. Thoughts? Just curious what has worked best for others.

    I weigh every morning... ish. After shower/lav and before coffee. My logic is that if I weigh at my lowest weight, then any downward movement will be meaningful as there is only so low I can go.

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    I weigh just whenever I feel like it but always first thing in the morning after peeing. I know that’s not really the answer you were looking for but I’ve done every day and once a week.

    Every day was great until it wasn’t. I started obsessing over the scale and would get super upset if I didn’t see changes day to day but I found I lose motivation if I only weigh once a week because I like seeing the changes. 😅

    Quite a rollercoaster, but what I’m trying to get at is that you may have to just do a trial and error kind of thing and see which one you like better!
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    During my weight loss journey, I weighed monthly, and continued that for about the first year of maintenance. Then for about the next 3 or 4 years, I weighed yearly, and the biggest fluctuation I saw during these years was one pound (up!)! Then for about the next couple of years I didn't weigh myself at all.
    About 6 months ago, through increased exercise during all the lockdowns (walking), I began to get a bit fixated thinking that I'd lost a lot of weight, so after much debate, I decided to step on the scales again. I got my answer, and haven't been back on the scales since.
    I've never really had a healthy relationship with the scales, so not weighing myself works well for me, however, each to their own.
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    After I spray myself with cookie dough cologne. Seriously, first thing in the morning.
  • yirara
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    Daily in the morning. Naked. Because I'm a data geek.
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    I think it depends on your personal preference. I also weigh first thing in the morning naked. Daily weigh ins can be a negative influence because your weight will vary up and down day to day. When I first was using my fitness pal I did weekly weigh ins since you get a bigger sense of accomplishment. Now I weigh in at least every couple of days to check the effect of my changing diet.
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    Definitely depends on how you want to do it. I, personally, cannot be held captive by my scale to do it daily. On the other end of the spectrum if I only do it whenever, that's when I find myself slip-sliding down the slope(kinda the same as forgetting to count calories, pretty soon I'm off my regimen completely). Once a week works perfectly for me. Every Monday a.m.
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    I only weigh when I can tell that I've lost weight.

    I use Like A Glove shorts once a week to measure instead.
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    Once a week for me, first thing in the morning, after using the toilet and naked. Any more frequent and I get anxious when I don't see progress or (gasp) an increase.
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    That's depends on you and whether if weighing-in everyday might be a trigger for you. If someone has a history of an eating disorder it's a very bad idea.

    As for me, I try to weigh everyday these days after I pee, first thing in the morning, no clothes, before I drank/eat anything. If you're going to weigh with clothes on, I suggest weighing no clothes, then with your "weigh-in" clothes to see how much the clothes weigh (wear the same clothes each time).

    I did the weekly thing for a long while and I'd get so frustrated seeing my weight up like 2 pounds even though I'd eaten within my calories for the entire week. It was demotivating and stressful. Weighing everyday, I, well, I love it. I'd heard all the negatives about it (trigger, etc.), but it turned out to be a great thing for me.

    Weighing in everyday lets me see how my weight is doing up/down/same and why. For ex: I learned that if I ate pizza, even 1 slice, my weight would be up the next day, even with it being within my calories. I'm assuming that's cause of all the salt in it. And it would take 2 days for the weight to come back down to what it had been before the pizza. I had just gained 2 lbs of water weight from eating 2-3 slices of pizza. If I hadn't learned that and had eaten the pizza the night before my weekly weigh-in, well, you see the problem. I would've thought I'd gained 2 lbs of fat that week even though I'd been within my calories all week, but it was really 2 lbs of water weight from the pizza that would be off in 2 days as it turned out. I'm currently up 5-6 water lbs right now due to all the salt I've been adding to my meals as I'm trying to increase my blood pressure and see if it helps with my energy/lightheadedness.

    I just log my weight in the app or on the desktop site. In the app, it's under Me (and you can see progress chart too/trends) and on the desktop, it's under My Home, then Check-In, and to see your weight trend, click on Reports and it shows weight first thing. You can see the trend for the past 7 days, 30, 90, 180, past year. Also can select Reports for the nutrients that MFP tracks (iron, etc.).
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    I weigh most mornings after peeing and with very few clothes on. I don’t always log it, but most days I do. I think if I went to weekly weighing I would be upset if I was up. Weighing almost daily is less nerve wracking for me and I am starting to believe that this logging thing works!
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    I weigh daily first thing after using the bathroom, and use a trend app.

    By doing this over time, I have learned my body's trends and what is normal for me. It also provides a pretty accurate measurement on if my calories are on track or I need to lower my limit or am letting some things slip by, or if it's on point.

    Since my body has "wooshes" and predictable weight increases with workout changes, etc, tracking the trends over time saves my sanity and I can see that on average, I am losing as I would expect to see (or if I need to adjust).
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    I weigh daily and log in an app as I too like to see data, it’s not for everyone though as you need to focus on the overall trend and not the daily results. If you think it would be demotivating to see small daily increases for absolutely no apparent reason when you’ve been on plan every day, followed by a sudden drop, then don’t do it. If you can appreciate that fluctuations will happen but overall your trend line is going down then you might find it fascinating and informative.
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    I weigh once a week on Saturdays after my morning walk, bathroom, shower, all nekkid like. Then I take the average of all weeks and log that on here on the last Saturday of every month.
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    I can't bear to get on the scale yet. I'm going by my clothes for now.
  • mrmota70
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    Once a week on Monday mornings… It sets up the watch to be in step with lower or higher weight for having more approximate # to calculate my exercise calorie burns.