How often do you WEIGH YOURSELF?

Just starting my weightloss journey. Got 126lb to lose. (9 stone exactly!)

How often do you weigh yourself? Most people recommend weekly or monthly...just wondering what works for others.


  • glassyo
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    Once a week on Saturdays after my morning/early afternoon walk, bathroom, and shower. Then I take the average of all Saturdays and log that on the last Saturday of every month.
  • Ghostofachance
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    No matter how frequently you weigh (it sounds like I'm in the majority thinking it should be at least weekly), it's important to do it the same way each time. For instance, I follow the same routine: after I wake up in the morning, after I use the restroom, and without clothing. If you change the variables involved in your routine, your "weight" could be off as much as 2-3 pounds. Good luck to you!
  • jaredsaccount
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    I'm just starting again but I've lost a lot before. I like weighing myself daily, first thing, no clothes. When I used to weigh weekly, if that one day was a bad day and I gained, I took it very hard. When I weigh daily, I can see it goes up a little here and down a little there... But overall, the plan works if you just keep working it.
  • westrich20940
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    That all depends on you and how it affects you. Often times I see people here post that they weight themselves daily or weekly but are upset when the number on the scale doesn't go down. If that's going to be an issue then I'd suggest weighing yourself every month. The truth is the scale will not always go down and isn't always going to be the best indicator of success. If it doesn't bother you that it goes up or stays the same then weight yourself however often you want.

    I personally don't think that weighing every single day or even week gives good data that is usable. You want to use your weight as an indicator of whether or not you are in an appropriate calorie deficit (if losing weight is your goal). Since there are so many variables that can affect the number on the scale, it's more useful to weigh once per month in order to really see the overall long-term pattern. Make adjustments based on that.

    When I was actively losing weight I'd weigh myself every 3-4 weeks. Now I only weigh myself if I feel like my clothes are fitting differently.
  • Lietchi
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    I weigh daily every morning and log the weight in Libra. It's just data to me - more data points means a better view of my weight trend. I don't get upset about it, so it works for me.

    It's been very informative to weight daily, discovering how my cycle influences my weigh-ins, as well as my food and exercise (for example temporary upticks after high sodium/high carb meals like sushi).
  • JBanx256
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    I weigh daily - roll out of bed, hit the loo, brush my teeth, step on the scale. I use a weight trending app and understand that fluctuations are part & parcel of the process.
  • NYPhotographer2021
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    I like to weigh daily, same time every morning. After bathroom duties, and before my shower. Weight fluctuates so much, weighing daily helps me see how and why I may gain or lose. I know that if I were to gain a pound or so, it's not fat. It's just water weight and will leave my system eventually.
  • landair2600393
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    I weigh every morning because I feel like it's a new day and I may need to work harder if I show a gain.
  • perryc05
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    I also weigh daily every morning. I feel it keeps me accountable and on track.
  • Alan2159
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    I weigh myself every day in the morning and at bedtime. It’s only stressful if I know I have ate bad. I’m slowly dropping weight and weighing myself frequently is actually inspiring.
  • Cheesy567
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    Daily, it’s a good routine for me to keep me on-track, and the daily fluctuations have come to be curious at first and now comforting and fun at times. Big milestones come (and go and bounce around) several times when you’re losing slowly and weighing daily.

    I’ve had times of large and fast regains in the past, those were times when I wasn’t aware of my weight at all— didn’t own a scale way back then— or more like several years ago when I was yo-yoing and would stop weighing myself, or was less consistent with weighing myself during the weightloss process overall.

    I’ve learned that the daily weights are a touchstone habit for me, they keep me on-track, aware, and steady. I might plateau or choose to go into maintenance if it’s stressful, but I haven’t regained and have continued to lose since maintaining that habit.
  • creativecook18
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    I weigh daily and then recently adjusted down 100 calories on my diary to get off a plateau and that worked. It keeps me accountable. Great work all. Fitness Pal diary is helping me stay on track.
  • NishaJoyClint
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    I weigh three times a week. Just to see how my loss is going and if I need to adjust my calorie intake. So it would be the beginning of the week, mid week, and the day before my official weigh in. I use to weigh in every day but that drove me nuts.
  • pbpunisher
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    Just starting my weightloss journey. Got 126lb to lose. (9 stone exactly!)

    How often do you weigh yourself? Most people recommend weekly or monthly...just wondering what works for others.

    I weight myself every day. You just have to realize there will be some fluctuations day to day. But that's what noom recommended and I agree. It's always a daily reminder. I'm down 25lbs since Jan 10
  • cwolfman13
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    Usually 2-3 days per week and then take the average...generally Wed, Thurs, and Friday mornings before I've eaten anything and after the restroom before my shower. Waiting until Wednesday helps to clear out some of the water weight from the weekend as I usually eat out once or twice, beer, and I can often be very active on weekends on hours long hikes or MTB treks that can cause quite a bit of water retention.

    You're always going to have natural fluctuations so it's important to just recognize that and understand that they are completely normal and natural. By occupation I analyze data and numbers and there is a fine line between not enough or too much data for meaningful analysis. A small sample of data points for example, doesn't really give you a full picture of what's happening and what to project out...too many data points can create a lot of noise to filter through, etc.

    IMO, monthly weigh-ins would require a considerable amount of time to collect enough data points for meaningful analysis and getting a picture of what's really going on. For example, if you were to lose 1 Lb per week on average for a total of 4 Lbs in a month, that might not actually show on the scale with a monthly weigh in due to fluctuations...I can be up or down 2-3 Lbs day to day...If I weighed in monthly, it's very possible that I would have lost 4 Lbs of fat, but that is masked on the scale by 3 Lbs of water weight on that singular weigh in day.

    Weekly would give you more data points, but again, you might weigh in on a "heavy" day where water or waste in your system is muddying the waters. As a trend, I tend to have my lightest day on Thursday...heaviest weigh in is usually Wednesday and Friday tends to be somewhere in-between. For a time I used to weigh in daily, but those additional data points weren't really providing me with any more meaningful data than weighing in 3 days per just made for excess noise.
  • ChickenKillerPuppy
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    When I was losing I weighed in weekly. In maintenance, I weigh daily. And I use Happy Scale weight trending app. I have mixed feelings about weighing in. I feel like weighing in daily helps take some of the power out of the numbers, because if I can get past the emotional part of seeing the fluctuations, I get that my weight does fluctuate, but overall I am maintaining. My weight fluctuated between 117 - 123 during the month of March, but overall, I think I weighed exactly the same on April 1st as I did on March 1st, which tells me I'm achieving my goals in maintenance. And Happy Scale has told me that I basically stayed the same when you average it all out over the month.

    Part of me, however, wants to stop weighing in because it is still a source of stress, and just weigh in monthly or if my clothes fit differently, etc. I would still weigh and measure and count my calories, but I have a pretty regimented routine, so sometimes I think I could just stop weighing myself, but still keep up all my other good habits, and be much happier.

    It's so hard to know what to do. The stupid number holds so much power for so many of us, and I keep reminding myself it's just one data point. But I also know that in the past, when I would get off track, I stopped weighing myself, so I feel I shouldn't do that.

    Good luck, and I hope you find a plan that works for you. I will say using Happy Scale helps a lot.