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I am new to exercising, I really haven't done much in a long time (I have been doing strength training, but only recently added in cardio). I have 3 young children and money is tight, so working out at home in my basement is the best option.
Unfortunately, it's a tile floor and I'm starting to notice my knees hurt. I have tried low-impact exercises but frankly, they aren't much fun and I'd like to do some dance workouts without my knees hurting. What mats you all use on hard tile floors to reduce impact?
When I Google search, I get a lot of reviews of how different mats work on hardwood or carpet, but not really for tile.
Thanks in advance!


  • 2deltacharlie
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    Not exactly what you are looking for but...
    We have a garage floor covered in one of the epoxy coatings.

    For mats we picked up a couple of "horse stall" matts from Tractor Supply.
    They are 3/4" thick and 4'x6' in size.
    About $50.
    They have a smaller version that is 1/2" thick and 3'x4' I believe.

    They are very heavy, like two guys worth of heavy.
    And very dense.

    I have no idea if they would be appropriate for dance moves but they would certainly be stable.
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    Good-Luck Jackie. I was just looking on amazon yesterday for "padded" mats. The prices are insane!
    Thanks deltacharlie, great tip. :)
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    I use rubber matting for my Olympic lifting so yes, I think they’d be good for dancing. New gym matting is expensive, so look for horse stall matting (as someone said above) or go onto F-book and see if anyone is selling any second hand. I kitted out my home gym (ie a shed) with a mixture of matts from a gym which was closing down and some I had to buy.

    My sport basically involves jumping with weights above my head, and the matting really helps my knees.