Getting Sick

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I started doing workouts like 2 and a half weeks ago. I have been really serious with the better eating and 40min workouts consistently the last two weeks. Now I’m feeling sick on the stomach and having light headaches. Has anyone else experienced this? If so what did you do to help with the sickness?


  • fatty2begone
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    If you havent gotten clearance from your doctor to exercise I would definitely contact them.
    If you have any health concerns/issues contact your doctor.

    My thought is dehydration (headache) and you are probably pushing yourself to hard. Go slower...
  • peggy_polenta
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    have you significantly cut back on carbs? are you under 50ish grams per day of carbs? you may be experiencing keto flu. it doesn't last more than a couple weeks if that is what it is.
  • lynn_glenmont
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    Or you just happened to get sick and it has absolutely nothing to do with your diet and exercise. How long have you been feeling sick? It could be flu, food poisoning, any number of gastrointestinal issues ...
  • Zinka61
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    It's possible you just got a virus of some kind.
  • springlering62
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    Tell us more. Gender, height, weight. How many calories have you been eating? How much and what kind of exercise? How are you defining “better eating”?

    You may simply not be fueling (ie eating enough) your body, and your body is pushing back.

    Tiredness, shakiness, dizziness- yep yep and yep.

    I started at 1470/day, moderately active. 5’7” and well over 220. I learned within a couple of months I was undereating. People have this social media/magazine/popular belief that you have to eat 1200 or less to lose. I want to scream and shake sense into everyone who comes here stating they’re eating less than 1200 and started significant new exercise to boot.
  • COGypsy
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    How many calories are you consuming for what activity level? Are you eating back at least some of your exercise calories. What you're describing sounds a lot like how I feel if I don't eat enough before I work out.