NSV: Thanks, Mom

So, I've hit a plateau. I started out at the beginning of August, and I lost 10 pounds pretty quickly. Some water weight I'm sure, and some that I'm sure was my body being shocked at not getting fast food and starbucks for 2 meals a day. Healthy habits and all ;-).

Well, I've been at the same weight for about a week and a half now and I was feeling a little down about it. I had dinner at work tonight, around 5:45pm, and got home around 9. By the time I got home, I was feeling hungry again, and I had rationalized my way into thinking I needed a second dinner. I was changing into my pajamas and getting ready to go into the kitchen and cook myself something when my mom comes out of my daughters room and looks at my waist and says, "Wow, you really have lost weight." And you know what? I decided I didn't need that second dinner after all! Thanks mom!!


  • nornyb
    nornyb Posts: 224 Member
    That must have been a great feeling! How often do you weigh? Are you possibly focussing on the numbers instead of the non-scale benefits? I only weigh every few months and focus on getting (and staying) healthy. I see the results at the gym with what I can do and in the decreasing clothes sizes.
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