New pal from Brussels Belgium

I am a 42M living in Brussels and looking for friends to start a diet and support each other :)
I am pretty active (gym, windsurf, cycling) so if anybody wants a motivating companion feel free to add me !


  • GemmaM_x
    GemmaM_x Posts: 324 Member
    32F - Scottish but living in Denmark since 2018 - you're welcome to add me 😊

    I log my meals daily, exercise almost daily and am on day 91, with 16kg lost 💪🙌
  • Lietchi
    Lietchi Posts: 5,000 Member
    Ah, a fellow Belgian, and from a similar region even. Welcome!
  • fatty2begone
    fatty2begone Posts: 237 Member
    Welcome, I am from the other side of the pond, Northern Wisconsin, however I have visited Brussels Belgium twice. Once as a teenager (my first date took place there) and about 15 years ago.

    If I recall, the waffles and french fries from a vender's stand were the bomb! Is that just my memories???
    Also, your Belgian Chocolate was some of the best. The dark chocolate with cherry and cordial....(actual Brandy I think?) Drooling now.

    Dang now I need to book a flight back and blow this diet thingy.