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I'm a newbie & can't figure out how to add friends? I got my first friend request this morning, very exciting. Can ne1 help? Feel free to friend me, I need to be held accountable. Friends help that for me, alot. Thanks!


  • Wazzer1977
    Wazzer1977 Posts: 7 Member
    Let’s go. Request sent
  • yxlr8
    yxlr8 Posts: 67 Member
    Request sent :)
  • 1017Rebecca
    1017Rebecca Posts: 5 Member
    I as well can’t figure out how to request a friend?
  • Butt_Snorkeler
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    To accept a friend request:
    1) From Home screen, press on "More" on bottom right and then scroll to "Friend" where you will find requests


    To send a friend request from community while on Android:
    1) press persons icon next to comment
    2) select view MFP profile
    3) wait for "MyFitnessPal Profile" button to show up and select it
    4) Select the icon that looks like 3 people