Hungry all the time???

Hey all,

I had my 5th baby five months ago and weigh more than I ever have :/

I've had great success losing with MFP after my previous babies so I'm doing the same now, eating around 1450 calories (I'm 5'2" and 205 lbs at the moment).

BUT I find that I am inordinately hungry only eating 1450. I see a lot of other people my size eating less than that...

Could this be emotional? Or maybe because of exhaustion from a baby who doesn't sleep the night, or taking care of 5 kids, or working full-time...?

Or maybe I am truly hungry and should be eating more?

How do I know...?

I'd appreciate any advice :)

Thank you!


  • yirara
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    Are you nursing? If so then you should add at least 500 calories to your daily intake. Also, for your weight, 1400 calories is very, very low. I'm not surprised you're hungry, plus the added stress of a newborn, and four other children. Your body is telling you to eat more, and you really should.
  • icandoit2323
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    @yirara Thanks so much for your comment!
    I'm not nursing, so that's not part of it. But I appreciate your feedback. I'm raising my goal to 1700 calories and seeing how that works.
  • Cluelessmama1979
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    If it helps...

    I'm 5'1 with shoes on.

    I'm 262 lbs right now. Was down to 175ish before, and still losing weight.

    I am not active at all (disabled) so I'm not burning much in the way of calories.

    My target for daily calories is ~1750. It was around ~1650 when I was down to 175 lbs.

    You're probably hungry because you arent eating enough. You're eating less than *my* BMR was when I was both shorter *and* lighter than you.

    And you're more active.

    And your body is expending energy to recover from childbirth.

    All of these things add to your body's *energy* needs. And that's all calories are... energy.

    I know it can be demotivating to see other people eating way less and seemingly doing fine.

    But it's really not healthy or sustainable.

    I'd aim for at least 1750, probably closer to 1850, and not dip below that unless you've gone a few weeks without any loss.

    I'd also suggest aiming for plenty of protein & fats right now, as your body is recovering.

    Remember, you need that energy to take care of your little one!