Back after several years

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Hello everyone, well, I'm back. I'm a man, over 60, and I need to lose at least a hundred pounds. My BMI right now is about 46. I have to get my BMI down to 30. The reason is, my wife needs a kidney. We have the same blood type so I may be a good fit for her. If not, I still need to donate one. Anyway, that's my motivation.

I've been overweight all my life, but things have really gotten out of control in the past few years. I did keto in 2021, and I dropped from 360 down to 320. But, I stopped doing that and now I'm back up to 345. I've tried all different kinds of diet plans, but it's always the same thing: you have to burn more than you eat.

That's always the problem isn't it? Burning more than you eat. For some people, it's very easy. For others of us, it's extremely difficult.

I grew up here in texas, my mother's family is Italian. My diet wasn't too mainly beef and pasta, with wonderful desserts thrown in for good measure!

I actually eat pretty healthy now, my quantities are just too high. I know that by logging everything, I should be able to defeat the problem of eating too many calories.

Sorry to drone on, but, here I am.


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    Good luck on this life saving journey for you and your wife.