Pam and Spices



  • paperpudding
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    I do not log cooking spray or spices/herbs.

    I dont deep fry anything so the amount of spray oil I use is minimal - and these come under things not worth the bother for me.

    although I get the point about logging them for recipe purposes
  • glassyo
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    Before I got out of the habit of nuking liquid eggs/egg whites every night for dinner, I would use cooking spray to coat the bowl.

    I also spray I Can't Believe It's Not Butter (don't judge) and sprinkle a cinnamon/splenda concoction on a couple pieces of bread (and I'm really not shy about how much) every day and don't log it.
  • wakegrrl
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    GoRun2 wrote: »
    I don't eat my exercise calories and leave about 100 calories for inaccurate logging. My friend logs things like 2 calories for cup of coffee. I just can't do that.

    I tend to log along these same lines. I can see where I'll have to become more precise as I get closer to goal and may not have as much calorie leeway. I love the spray oil weighing method and should probably start doing that now.

  • kshama2001
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    I don’t log spray oil. But I do use a spray bottle that is not aerosolized to keep me from spraying too liberally.

    Anything that I cook that would involve sautéed onions or garlic is a dish that I am already using the recipe builder for. I do include onion and garlic for the recipe builder and also spices. Not because I want more accurate calorie counts on the recipe from minor ingredients. I include them so that I can easily find the ingredient list the next time I want to repeat the recipe.

    Yes, I put everything in the recipe builder because I tend to deviate from recipes and this is a useful place to have a record. I'll also add water in the recipe builder, especially for rice dishes as some recipes call for WAY too much water even though we are both using long grain raw rice.
  • disasterman
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    I would never bother logging spices. Most condiments I don't. I log olive oil, for instance if I'm using it in a salad dressing, but I just use tbsp estimates. I often round up for calories eaten and down for calories burned and have been able to get fairly predictable results this way -which I think should be the goal. So my advice is to be consistent with what and how you log, then adjust your calorie goal based on observed results because there's probably more error in calculating your BMR than anywhere else anyhow. Once you get things dialed in, it doesn't matter how accurate or precise you are if you're seeing predictable results.

    Not everyone's the same though. If it really bothers you feeling like you're not logging everything, then go for it. Personally, if I had to worry about logging calories for parsley and basil I'd give up but I'm not super into details usually.