Low calorie snack ideas

Hi! I get off work very late at night and am often hungry. I need late night snacks that will be ok to eat before bed, and are filling, easily digested, and low in calories.... Any ideas?


  • The_Elephant_Man
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    Slice 1 banana in a blender with 1/4 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk and blend, pour into a bowl and freeze. Taste just like banana ice cream and only @ 110 calories.
  • 88AViva
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    I usually keep tiny snack boxes of dried cranberries, apricots, raisins, roasted almonds and walnuts. I weigh about 15g of each and put them in the box.
    I find them filling enough and usually takes two to three snack sessions to finish one box.
  • PurplePenguinnn
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    Strawberries and whip cream runs about 1cup of strawberries and whip cream about 100 calories.
    Banana and peanut butter
    pop corn
    celery peanut butter.
    do you go right to bed when you get home and then get up early? Also take food to work. eat before driving home. more time to digest and if you have the food you wont be tempted to eat somethin non healthy
  • jrmorris93
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    Look at what Atkins has
  • 7of7criaturas
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    Prep is the key for me. If I have everything sliced and diced it's easy to pick the right thing. don't get me wrong - it is hard to focus and make the right choices! But, I agree with jrmorris93: the Atkins website lets you plug in "breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack" (choose level 1) - and then gives you several ideas - with pictures! It does help me to know there is food out there, that I like, that is filling - low carbs, low sugar. Try it.
    And remember, if you are hungry (or think you are), drink water first and wait about 15 minutes. Then decide if you are still hungry.
  • LukeAMarkham
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    I would second PurplePenguin’s suggestion of popcorn.You get quite a bit of it for the calories so feels like good bang for your buck! Given how much space it takes up it will also help you feel fuller.

    And for me at least it feels a bit more like a nice treat at the end of a day rather than a healthy sensible choice like fruit! Little things like that help with the motivation I think. It means I am less likely to think “I don’t want to eat fruit!” and reach for the chocolate instead..!