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Combined Report: Weekly Cals vs Weight Loss

I've been losing weight since August 2020. Usually slowly and steadily but not always. I thought it would be helpful to see a graph that shows my calories consumed as well as my weight lost. That would help me assess where I've been most successful - maybe even see the "sweet spot" of caloric intake for my personal self to generate consistent loss. I realize this might need to be a premium feature as it might go back more than the 180-365 days normally available (at least, it would for someone like me, who has lost 125 lbs but has more to go.)
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  • beautyandababe
    beautyandababe Posts: 26 Member
    I think you should be able to see Net Carbs in the reports as well (currently we only have the option of seeing total calories, net calories, total carbs, or fiber alone).